Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Japanese Water Cure

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Waterboarding which Americans conduct is termed torture. As a historical fact, I would like to share the Japanese Water Cure.

The water cure given to Fitzgerald consisted in tying him face up on a bench with his head hanging over the end. Then his feet were elevated and water poured from a teakettle into his nostrils. A hand over his mouth forced him to swallow the water and when he was judged to be sufficiently full of water, a club beating would be administered.

Usually he became unconscious during this last torture, whereupon they would revive him and try questioning again. When that was unsuccessful, another clubbing followed. The miracle is that he survived and kept his reason.

Lockwood, Charles A., 1890-1967. Sink 'Em All; Submarine Warfare In The Pacific

 Simply making a point, that there is waterboarding or putting leashes on Iraqi's in which no one is harmed, and then there is torture.
Then again if the Japanese had been a bit more creative, I could have improved their methods to really make them a bit more than pencils between the fingers and pen knives under the nails.

Nuff said.