Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mummy Sneerest


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I happened upon some disturbing photos of the non talent actress Jessica Alba. Alba made a career of doing "black impressions" in an era when MTV numb brained children thought that acting black was cool, instead of it making one appear a moron.
What was disturbing at first in catching my attention, is why a person who is non stop photo snapped by paparazzi, is before the cameras all the time.......would apparently fill her days with selfies. Yes it is that validation thing of low self esteem and a phobic psychosis of needing attention.........like her constantly surrounding herself with ugly people to be the pretty one, and having gatherings to prove how much fun she is having.........as her sad, searching and fearfully dead eyes all reveal what is missing in this lost soul.

Never mind that, as what this is about, is Jessica Alba, when she is not posing, when she does not have the husband as the mummy hauling the kids (in most cases), when she is not playing with a child like a doll, or does not know the cameras around...........this woman has an expression of hating motherhood as much Joan Crawford.


Must be a real joy to be around the over performing Alba in the children, witnessing her over acting in her fun with her trinkets, and then scowling like you are shit on her arm.

I probably would be upset too if I were the husband who has black hair, the wife has black hair, both have dark complexions and the wife keeps popping out red heads that look like Ben Afleck.

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That must be a real interesting story where mummy picked that up.