Monday, January 4, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hope that after the exclamations against America in Ted Cruz telling Americans to STAND DOWN, and Sean Homo Hannity telling Americans to BEND OVER, that even the deniers will accept what has been posted here with proof, that Ted Cruz is nothing but a minder for the Tea Party to discourage it, and Sean Homo Hannity is a minder to the rural rednecks not to resist their own destruction.

The focus of this is the Hammond Stand Off, in which Ammon Bundy is leading a group of Patriots occupying THEIR OWN LAND, as this is your federal land out there, which you bought with your own tax money, in order to take back America, exactly as Donald Trump has stated he will take back American with your help, from the federal Obama regime in stopping invaders, stopping terrorism, and stopping the IRS from stealing your wages.

This crux of this is why Ted Cruz the Canadian Cuban struts around in cowboy clothes giving the impression he is an American, and why Sean Homo Hannity plays redneck music, to give the impression he is right wing. When America was in the breach, Ted Cruz told Americans to Stand Down and when America was in need of a Paul Revere telling them the enemy was coming, Sean Homo Hannity, blared out that Americans should Bend Over and be sodomized, because as a New Yorker he just could not understand why Ammon Bundy was in Oregon as this was not his fight.

Yes, those are the words of Patrick Henry when Patriots Sam Adams were taking a stand in Boston, Lexington and Concord telling them, "This is not Virginia's fight".

Yes those immortal words of Davy Crockett as the Alamo, arriving to tell the Texicans, "Stand Down as you should not be armed against a repressive regime".

Do you get what traitors Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz are when you see this in historical perspective? Everyone is talking about taking stands, and when Ammon Harmon and peacefully armed Americans are doing that for your lazy asses, here comes these paid rich minders telling Americans not to take a stand and that this is not their fight.

THIS IS EVERY AMERICAN'S FIGHT and THIS IS EVERY AMERICAN'S STAND IN OREGON. What happens there, decides what happens in November 2016 and decides if Donald Trump as President is successful or is shot down like Kennedy at Dallas.

Ammon Bundy is a brilliant man, as are the militias involved in this. They have been diplomatic. They also saw the opening which was there and took it like Occupy Wall Street, in seizing property which was their property and making this an issue.
Ammon Bundy is showing everyone in the world that Americans can be armed, openly carrying arms in a group, defying the regime peacefully, and that the world did not end.

I had expected silence on Hannity over this, but this is so big that the minders ordered Hannity to come out and spin this with lies and propaganda. That is the WARNING LIGHT in this, that the FBI is on a leash, and everyone realizes in the regime and the cartel, that if this gets rough, that this is going to start an uprising by the Westerners. So you understand this, this is the kind of uprising in which the good olde boys of Tennessee can understand in making a practice of shooting those who had federal license plates back in the hill country.

That is what the regime is signalling. They are intimidated and that is the best kind of regime to have, before it is obliterated by Donald Trump.

What Ammon Bundy has designed is a check, a peaceful examination of this, and no one is going to get hurt, unless the regime inserts some mole to start the shooting. This is exactly what America needs. Americans need to be shown they can peacefully assemble on their own taxpayer paid lands to protest.

Sean Homo Hannity spins this as not the Bundy fight, when every Alaskan knows how many millions of acres of land were stolen from them. Goodness image Obama goes to Alaska and pisses on an American President who was assassinated in William McKinley, and Sean Hannity can not understand that this Ammon Bundy fight is the fight across all of America in states taking back what the federal regime has been bullying them over.
Ask someone in Minnesota what it is like having wolves eating your pets. Ask that Minnesotan how fun it is to have some smart ass federal game gestapo stop you and jack the action on your shotgun 'in checking it' a half dozen times over-hard, attempting to break it, in how much it is not their fight in Oregon.

My God you stupid people, you are charged a fortune for lumber and America has more lumber than need, because the federal regime stopped logging except to sell it to China, to sell back to you at high prices. The entire situation of the US Department of Interior to the US Department of Education is what Ammon Bundy is standing against in Oregon, and if you can not see that, or if your Patriotic blood does not rise in support, than you are nothing but cloth covered Mutton or you are a traitor to America like Sean Homo Hannity.
All of this is tied together and what is taking place in Oregon is YOU taking back America where it matters at the soil level, the level of your pets not being eaten by predators, your being able to afford a home, your oil in North Dakota not owned in a shell game by the Muslim OPEC cartel in the Mideast and your communities having these invaders dumped into them, and you being made a criminal for noticing a mob of Muslims is meeting to shoot up San Bernadino.

Sean Homo Hannity said he could not understand this. If that is the case, he needs to get off the media and be replaced with someone who is intelligent. I don't believe for a second he does not get this, because he is paid to mind you to keep you from rising up as he minds you for that other Tea Party minder, Ted Cruz, who just told Americans not to stand up against the regime.

Those are the traitors in league with image Obama. You have the proof and you can bet your last virgin daughter or virgin son's ass, that if Cruz is telling you to Stand Down and Hannity is telling you to Bend Over, that this IS the place to come out backing Ammon Bundy and Patriots in Oregon.
Support them and this will stay peaceful. Go the route of Red Cruz and Homo Hannity and this is going to be bloody. There will be a resistance forming, and then a massive crackdown, and then the regime will come for your guns and for you, in your Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity enclaves.

This is the Bunker Hill moment America. You let it be known that you support these people in Oregon completely, or the Red Coats are going to destroy them, and then they are going to be invigorated to come and get each of you individually.

God bless Ammon Bundy and the Western Patriots to be guided and protected by the Living God for the good of America, so in this stand, the Lord of the Battle, Jesus the Christ will secure the victory in peace, to set the framework so Donald Trump can build upon this in taking America back in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

You people in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Texas remember this in your ignorant support for this Canadian Cuban foreigner Ted Cruz. He just told you to surrender to the Obama Regime and Sean Hannity told you to Bend Over.

They called such types Tories in 1776 and traitors in every war since then in America.

Do not even pretend you are a Patriot or call yourself an American if you have not paid what you owe this blog. I am doing this with limited resources and these are the times when sappers in the wire disappear in the jostling as trolls become fearful of having their protective security removed from them.

Ask yourself if you have had anyone explain what is taking place in America to you, save the Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter.......and has been doing it for years.

Nuff said