Friday, January 29, 2016

Jeb Bush's New Low: Exploiting Dead People......He Killed


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I feel sometimes in this GOP race for thee most "shoot themselves in the mouth" candidate of Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush that I have lost my equilibrium as when Jeb Bush is saying Mexicans have lots of sex........then it is Ted Cruz using wounded Veterans as  weapon to try and get Donald Trump to debate him, that nothing is left to surprise or stoop too.

Sickly, there is Jeb Bush who is now using his biggest failure as a human, in not saving Terri Schiavo, in a South Carolina campaign ad, saying Bush is such a wonderful protector of life.

It gets worse in this, as the former husband of Terri Schiavo is furious over Jeb Bush doing a necromancer political ad using dead Terri in a hospital bed, and released this statement.

“It is simply disgusting that Jeb Bush and his super Pac would exploit my wife’s tragedy for his crude political gain. Shame on Jeb Bush,” said Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, who said she did not want to be kept alive in that state and was repeatedly challenged by Bush and Schiavo’s parents and siblings.
“Using his disgraceful intervention in our family’s private trauma to advance his political career shows that he has learned nothing. He’s proud of the fact that he used the machinery of government to keep a person alive through extraordinary artificial means — contrary to the orders of the court that were based on the courts determination, made over 6 years of litigation, that doing so would be against her wishes,” he said. “What the campaign video shows is that if he ever got his hands on the power of government again, he would do the same thing again, maybe next time to your family.”

Seriously, who comes up with these million dollar ads? How do they play out in, "Yeah boys let's remind voters I let an invalid die, but used that battle as a political weapon, and now let's remind everyone, including the dead girls parents and her former husband, of all of that misery, by telling South Carolina voters that I am for "life".

It really reveals how stupid Jeb Bush thinks South Carolina voters are, as in all Southerners. Dress Jeb up like the Pope and put him on split screen with an invalid, and that is sure to get him votes in the primary.

So for this moment, Jeb Bush is thee worst person in the GOP, for stooping to using her corpse, which he created as he was too gutless to save her, but he is not beneath tormenting the family members, and those like me who were involved in the fight to save her from more anguish.

I really want Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz to just go away, far away, like back to the third world.........or for goodness sake, have them start talking in Spanish, so only the beaners will be able to be offended by them.

What comes next from Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz? Pictures of them with little aborted babies, shaking hands with captions, "Count my votes as I would vote for Ted and Jeb!!!"

Please Jeb Bush, just go away, and take Ted Cruz with you as he is a product of your family's creation.