Friday, January 29, 2016

The Orange Moon Rising

Orange Moon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is probably important, but then again without God interpreting the signs, what do signs really mean?

All of you expect God through me to have the answers, but maybe in this post, I will just give you the sign, and see how intelligent you are.

The other night, I was out and was once again interested in the moon, because it has been wrong. Wrong means in January, the moon is to be ghostly white, but in most instances it has been a deathly black cast to it when high in the sky at the zenith.
What caught my attention in the moon rising though was that it was a blood moon, or a harvest moon, which belongs in October. Those lunar orange or red moons, are created by farmers from antiquity harvesting grain and the dust going into the atmosphere, along with fires started to burn off brush.

The air in January is supposed to be Canadian, clear, cold, and produce a white moon, but the moon was showing that even in below freezing temperatures, there was heat somewhere,  and heat with a dirty atmosphere means something.

The last time I saw a sign like this was that super record hot, drought year a few years back, and I predicted it in December of the preceding year. So I pay attention to such things and this one has me puzzled again.

I know HAARP has everything turned on it's atmospheric head in the way it rolls the air, but there have been signs of the air currents are moving.......meaning there is energy in the atmosphere as wind is generated by storm fronts.

There have been odd weather patterns generated by HAARP as the last big Nor Easter Snowstorm....thing appeared in like Ohio, and exploded in the east. Storms have to appear in the west as that is normal....again HAARP generating weather.

So this is the dichotomy in we have an atmosphere which is hot and dirty, when it is supposed to be Arctic and clean.

As I typed the above about leaving you in the dark, the Holy Ghost said that there were a few people who have donated and it would be unfair to not tell them. So I am faced with a bunch of dishonorable thieves who will not quit reading at this point, and click off the blog to make as millionaires a 350,000 dollar donation, because they now have the dilemma of confessing they have been thieves or thinking if they remain silent, that somehow God will not notice and Jesus sentence them to hell.........which ain't going to happen.
It would just be better to donate and find that Lame Cherry is a good gal who does not say things to embarrass people, as 350,000 as a multi millionaire is going to seem cheap when it comes to hell.

Well that is enough of that, as I almost forgot to post this as it is a few days old. OK, back to the future, maybe I will be wealthy there, with a place of our own, a skid steer loader and a gun.