Friday, January 29, 2016

When the FBI murdered John Wayne

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is regrettably the most dangerous of work for an American in my position, as the murder and terrorism in Oregon, carried out by the FBI and other agencies against Americans, reaches to the Clinton Foundation in Hillary 2016, her Russian uranium deals, the Obama regime in their league with Indian tribes using regime agencies to steal land from American ranchers and farmers for profit and DNC funding, and underlying all of this is the powerful conglomerates who fund everyone and own every politician except Donald Trump.

It is necessary to reveal the schism in  the FBI, in their Special Agent in Oregon who oversaw the terrorism of the Citizens of Burns Oregon, who instigated the Paiute Indians writing letters to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, to involve all of them in this conspiracy of murder, of Robert LaVoy Finicum, has now become a cover up more immense than Watergate and Iran Contra combined, for this is the thing in Oregon which Hillary Clinton's Emailgate is all about, in influence peddling of selling regime influence for money and power.

Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing has been at the center of this from the start, and has been caught lying to the American public on several occasions in the cover up in the murder of LaVoy Finicum.
What this blog is going to do, is absolutely refute the Bretzing Cover Up in this murder, which began with him, and has now sullied all law enforcement in America from Oregon State Police to the FBI in Washington, that Director Comey does not have to resign over Loretta Lynch not indicting the criminal Hillary Clinton, as the FBI has already been shattered without repair from the pristine law enforcement body it was created by in J. Edgar Hoover.

The Lame Cherry is going to walk you through the last moments of LaVoy Finicum's life, to prove the cover up and conspiracy of Gregory T. Bretzing, and to drop another exclusive in the end game of this, which will sicken and horrify you.

LaVoy Finicum, stopped 3 times on the night he was murdered. He stopped at a stop sign to inform law enforcement  that he was going to see the Sheriff. He stopped when the FBI mole, now corroborated by Jim Marrs in his observations, Mark McConnell stopped the jeep he was driving so that Ammon Bundy would be arrested for show trial, and to expose LaVoy Finicum for assassination, and he stopped when he was fleeing for his life and the lives of his passengers when they had been fired upon, to flush them to the road block where the assassination team was prepositioned.
Mr. Finicum stopped because his Ford pick up was hung up in the ditch in deep snow, and this is important for later, so remember it.

LaVoy Finicum was an old man, an old cowboy of the west, and like most old cowboys he was thin as a rail and for those who know the type, he has no ass. That is important in this so remember it.

At the crash site, which was the assassination kill zone set up by FBI, Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing stated that Mr. Finicum dropped his hands and reached for his belt line, Bretzing in releasing his mole McConnell also lied to the public in posting propaganda blaming Mr. Finicum and stating he charged the FBI and that is why he was shot.

Now return to the assassination zone, and put yourself in LaVoy Finicum's boots, as he had on heavy winter knee boots. He is broken down old cowboy, like your grandfather. He has been shot at, he has been pursued, he has just survived a car accident, and his pick up is hung up in almost hip deep snow, in the mountains, in cold weather.

LaVoy Finicum exits the vehicle with his hands raised, and walks toward the road, where one law enforcement officer has charged him and is pointing a gun at him. He has surrendered, but there are no commands for him to get on his knees or to apprehend him.

By instinct LaVoy Finicum moves away from the threat, and is met immediately by another law enforcement person pointing a gun at him, and he retreats again.

It is at this point, that the FBI forensic profile of LaVoy Finicum in this set up has Mr. Finicum reacting, as LaVoy Finicum realizes they are not there to arrest him, but are there to murder him. He realizes when his vehicle is sprayed with bullets the first time, it was not an accident. The FBI has issued orders to murder him on the grounds of "resistance".

In observing the video at this moment, this old man who has been struggling in the snow like a deer being hamstrung by predators, drops his hands, because in the high mountain cold air, the oxygen is thin, and his struggling and being pursued, he is suffocating and is trying to catch his breath, as holding your arms up for long periods of time is painful for anyone, and that is why the Japanese in World War II tortured American prisoners by making them hold their hands over their heads.

Now as you are in LaVoy Finicums heavy boots, remember now your grandfather, your dad, or yourself, having struggled exhausted through the snow, the mud, up a hill. What is it that you do? Do you reach for gun in your belt, or do you reach to pull up your pants, because they have fallen down a few inches.......exactly what an old cowboy with no ass would do.

That is why the FBI shot LaVoy Finicum. He had no gun. He was reaching for no firearm. He was not making any violent move. LaVoy Finicum was reaching to pull up his Wranglers, the FBI knew very well he was unarmed and reaching to pull up his pants, and they used it as an excuse to murder LaVoy Finicum. The FBI at that moment murdered the cowboy John Wayne in the mountains of Oregon.........the very mountains where John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn filmed the True Grit sequel.

Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing knew LaVoy Finicum was pulling up his pants and he went before the American people and lied to them, and told Americans the lie that this was a move to pull a gun.

The proof in that, is that LaVoy Finicum produced no weapon. You can see after he pulls up his pants, that his arms are at his side, and having figured out that the FBI and these other agencies are there to assassinate him, he does what John Wayne would do and yells at his murderers, "Are you going to shoot me!!! Just shoot me then!!!"

Shortly after this, in an absolutely non confrontational posture, LaVoy Finicum is body shot and collapses to the deep snow.

Moments later, he attempts again to raise his hands in surrender, as bullets are spraying him, and I point out that he is ALIVE, on the ground, surrendered, and somehow a bullet hole from a sniper enters his skull between the eyes at a 90 degree angle from above which finishes the murder.
That shot had to come from above or standing over Mr. Finicum.

Now you know in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, in me putting my life on the line, because no one else will bring you these exclusives, the proof that Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing was repeatedly lying, covering up evidence and is in a conspiracy to murder LaVoy Finicum, which has now involved Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, in that instigated letter from the Paiutes chairwoman, Charlotte Roderique, sullying all law enforcement across America from something which it will never recover. There does not need to be any non indictment of Hillary Clinton, the FBI has been shattered over the Oregon Conspiracy.

This becomes even worse in the following evidence which is uncovered exclusively in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Gregory T. Bretzing, according to his official FBI profile attended Brigham Young University. That might not send off any alarms in you, but BYU is Mormon, and when you realize that most of the people in this Oregon Resistance were Mormon, that the Bundy's are Mormon, and that the most defiant American in this group, standing for American rights as a John Wayne cowboy was Robert LaVoy Finicum, one begins to realize that this was an inter Mormon war, where the Obama regime put in charge of the operation a Mormon to take out other Mormons, in thee same exact protocols that the Obama regime has unleashed in the Muslim Mideast, pitting Obama Muslims to murder nationalist Muslims refusing to submit to the regime.

We know that Gregory T. Bretzing was caught in numerous lies and a cover up. We know that he was running a terror psychological operation against the people of Burns Oregon to turn them against the Patriots, and we know that LaVoy Finicum realized in his last moments that the FBI was going to assassinate him.
The logical conclusion is a Mormon graduate of BYU was like Saul of Tarsus, sent in by the Sanhedrin to murder every Christian in the early Church, and in Oregon it appears the Obama regime, to protect the conglomerates sent in Mormon Gregory T. Bretzing to murder the Mormons there in an inter-Mormon on Mormon religious war, under the umbrella of the FBI.

It is often stated that things are the most disgusting of things in history, but what took place in Oregon is thee most disgusting thing which has ever taken place in American history, since the Indian Ring sent General George Custer to the Little Big Horn to be mass murdered, for his exposing of their crimes in using Indians for profits.

That is what Oregon is about in a modern Indian Ring, meshed with Mormon warfare, and a murder instigated Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing in which he lied to the American public about an innocent man named LaVoy Finicum, who was not reaching for a gun, but was reaching to pull up his pants, because he was an old man in deep snow.

Once again, there must be Congressional investigation and charges over this against those who carried this out.
General George Custer was murdered in 1876 AD in the year of our Lord by the same elements which Robert LaVoy Finicum was murdered by in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, by the same elements and for exposing the same criminal enterprise. The cartel behind this has been relentless in smearing General Custer to cover up that crime, and are engaged now in smearing LaVoy Finicum to cover up the reason he was murdered in Oregon.

There must be Congressional investigations and people made to answer for this who are responsible inside the regime, as there was nothing law and order about the murder of an American in Oregon, it was lawless and disorder.

I hate doing this work which no one else will attempt out of fear, and yet where is one rich person making that 350,000 dollar donation, like the Patriots did in 1776?

Nuff Said.