Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jesus told me to Cassius Ted Cruz in the Back

 Can I have some Cock please with a side of McCain on it

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am enjoying the Iowa theater in a big way, because what is the fun of Iowa in the GOP is the little whores and squat assassins bending over in the Ethanol State.

There is this little Nebraska whore, named Senator Sasse, who has hired himself in a real girlfriend experience to the John Thune establishment in the US Senate. On the one masturbatorial hand you have Sasses giving sass to Donald Trump for an unnamed benefactor of John Thune, and on the other, you have Zombie pig castrator of the US Senate, joined at the hip with Ted Cruz.

Yes this is all about Marco Rubio supplanting Ted Cruz as Numero Two in the primaries, and that is fine with me as we have stories to deal with Mr. Rubio.

This is just letting you know the fun going Havana Assassin Cruz, getting knifed in the back by Mike Huckabee, the evangelical darling.........Mike gets that for his next gig on FOX in paying off his time there as the guy with the dagger under his robe to fillet a few percent off of Cruz.

Iowans like playing cock tease or cunt tease. They lie as they go  to church in saying 40% of them have not decided on who to vote for. They all have decided, and just want some politician to lie to them and say that their shit does not stink. It is why Iowans always get things wrong, because it is usually the biggest fraud like Obama or Santorum who stinks like shit that is telling them their shit does not stink.

Then we have Jeb Bush.........the crack whore who somehow spent millions of dollars, and he still is that fat old man with that dwarf Mexican and psycho children. No one cares about Jeb Bush, not even his family any more.

Jeb Bush is living like Obama, without the White House. Bush spent over a million dollars on private jets, and then stayed at hotels with swimming pools on the roof. I can see why all these candidates who are whores for the conglomerates run for President, as living large on tax deductions is the best welfare program in the world.

I keep hoping that Iowans grow up in this 2016 primary. Seriously, they need to send the establishement a message and that means like 85% for Donald Trump in the GOP and 80% for Bernie Sanders in the communist party. That kind of message is going to be heard, and Iowans can then make the mark in writing history, because..........

If Iowa tanks Hillary Clinton bad, and Clinton gets hammered in New Hampshire, that gives Loretta Lynch at justice cover to indict the Hamrod, scare Democrats that Bernie Sanders is going to be their nominee to lose in a landslide, so that they will in mass bring out blow out brain Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren to steal the nomination from old Bern.

On the right, Donald Trump sweeping through, will make the establishment Thuners come to heel and heal all the wounds they have self inflicted, and we then can get a Reagan policy structure set up to resurrect America under Donald Trump.

See Iowa is important if Iowan's vote as they should. If they have too much A hole sex, with the Sasse and Gifford's whores, then it fucks it up for all of us, and New Hampshire has to fix things again, which only makes things worse for Americans.

I am glad Mike Huckabee is a killer, because he sure coddles death row inmates too much, but he will pull out the knife for a Havana Assassin, when it is Mike's FOX contract on the line. It is good to know people will kill each other when things matter to them in taking food out of their mouths.

Nuff said as my battery is low.

Oh and Happy Birthday to the Viking. Sorry it is late, but have been too popular with the federales as of late and there was something about prison time from the Holy Ghost for outing the anti Christ.

Battery is charging now...........

Oh and I know Lindsey Graham is not in the race, but we need to keep this festive in suckcockers in the forefront, and not bent over in the shadows for Ted Cruz.