Thursday, January 28, 2016

Michael Reagan Stop Doing Liberals A Favor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One of the buffoon sons of Ronald Reagan, the adopted Michael Reagan, just can not stop working for Hillary Clinton and Jeb  Bush against Donald Trump.

When this blog called out Michael Reagan, who has been trading on President Reagan's name his entire life, about Donald Trump IS a Conservative, more so than his old man, Michael Reagan shifted to "Reagan Conservative" in his argument to elect a liberal.

I will take on this putz named Reagan for the simply reality of something that all of us from the right and the left can agree on, that thee single biggest, most costly, most deadly mistake that Ronald Reagan ever made was George H. W. Bush.

You remember Voodoo Economics George Bush who was ranting about Reagan's economic program which saved America right? The same HW who did Iran Contra, who almost got Reagan impeached, who got Reagan shot, who set up these murderous sub operational groups who have been destroying Conservatives like George Allen for the Bush boys to inherit the White House?

You remember that liberal right, who berated and besmerched Ronald Reagan for most of his one term in office?

Yeah that George H. W. Bush, who brought ruin to America, created the pool of Chinese Communist modernization which now has nuclear weapons pointing at us, and created Vladimir Putin who is now the most capable leader in the Michael Reagan, you can bitch about what Donald Trump converted to from being a liberal, including praising and donating to Hillary Clinton, but at least Donald Trump had the sense to try and save America from these damned liberal genocidal Bush's!!!

Let's view this for a moment in Donald Trump, never appointed Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton or Bill Clinton to anything.......but oh yeah, Ronald Reagan appointed gay fag liberal Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court.

Shall we go on with Rockefeller, George Schultz as Sec. of State? No Rockefeller men on the Trump team, but these globalists littered the Reagan Administration.

Let's go one better Michael Reagan in your daddy's Reagan Republicanism, that when the chips came down, Ronald Reagan threw ALL of the Conservatives off his ship, starting with Gen. Al Haig, and chose his wife, Nancy Reagan's advice to go with George Schultz to cuddle up with Dictator Gorbachev of Red Square.

Wait Michael Reagan, I have yet to tan your pasty white ass with a lesson, as you want Reagan Republican, so let's look at who started this Muslim terrorism, in it was your Reagan, in bed with the Ayatollah of Iran in George Bush weapon's deals, which then got American hostages taken and murdered, and then a pile of US Marines in Lebanon murdered, where your old man pulled out, and taught Shiek Bin Laden that Americans will not stand and fight, which brought about Black Hawk Down and the Twin Towers going down.

You little fumbducker Michael Reagan, you really want to keep this fight up, as the Lame Cherry will expose all of your old man's legacy from a Christian Conservative reality, and bring every last bit of Ronald Reagan to what liberals accused him of, as your enabling Bush Clinton is not going to fly from your million dollar home of luxury as 95 million Americans are without a life.........and Jeb Bush told them to work harder as they are lazy.

Donald Trump is a Reagan Republican. The reality of a Conservative and not the fiction of Ronald Reagan which all are told to forget the disasters of President Reagan.

Donald Trump said he could shoot someone in public and his people would still vote for him, because there is nothing the Michael Reagan hack attacks can say which would change their vote for Mr. Trump. That is the reality, because Trump Voters always no one thing and that is the fact, that Donald Trump never foisted upon America a fraud Republican in George H. W. Bush, and that sin is so immense, that nothing will ever equal it.

The era of Ronald Reagan has ended and the era of Donald Trump has  begun. Mr. Trump in the White House is going to eclipse all other Presidents, save George Washington, as the events which will transpire will bring him this kind of greatness.

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