Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little Jew vs Big Jew

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I could not be more delighted that liberal Michael Bloomberg, Hillary and Obama's skirt chaser is looking at how to disrupt the 2016 Presidential race as an "independent", because all he will do is siphon off voters from Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

Bloomberg exploring plans for independent presidential bid...

Mike Bloomberg is little all the little Jews who pollute the GOP and DNC, and work for Big Jew, so in essence Mike Bloomberg takes the liberal Jew vote for Obama and puts it into his kosher can to oblivion as no American wants those dual citizen traitor voters in the election any way. It did enough damage with Obama.

Next we have establishment GOP. Great block there of Jebcavers, and they would be voting for Hamrod, BIBAMA (Yes that is my exclusive term for Joe Biden from now on in being Obama's second penis in the race.......BIBAMA is mine, and if you use it, it simply can be courtesy of Lame Cherry) so that is wonderful as once again the DNC vote is fractured.

John Anderson of Illinois, did the same thing in 1980 against Ronald Reagan, and it did not hurt Governor Reagan in the least. The only reason it hurt HW Bush with Ross Perot, is because Perot was American and HW Bush was a fascist. So Donald Trump being the American and a communist gun grabber like Lil Jew Mike Bloomberg gets in the race, it only helps Donald Trump.

Some might say that it puts New York in the mix again, but those voters are liberals who would never vote for Donald Trump anyway and there is not that many of the "hate Donald" group there, so the Lame Cherry welcomes bloomberg into this race.

I want to address something too........

Hillary Clinton is on the indictment chopping block. There have been threats from the Clintons that they will bring down the entire Obama criminal enterprise too. I would whisper in this the reality of Andrew Breitbart.
Mr. Breitbart whispered things and got himself assassinated on the street. This cartel group behind Obama is not going to allow their crimes to become an issue in a Hillary campaign, and that means that Mrs. Clinton is never going to reach trial.
Inquiry points to a reality, that Mrs. Clinton is going to "stroke out" by covert means. There is the threat as to the Kennedy's that if the Clintons turn stooge or attempt their own ascension as in John Kennedy jr., that Chelsea and that grandkid are on the block too, along with Bill. This is for keeps. Mrs. Clinton  threatened the masters and the masters informed her if she talks, even Chelsea is going to get an out of this world experience too.

All wonderful news, and I could not be more pleased that Michael Bloomberg is ready to divert millions from the democrats in trying to defeat Donald Trump, as all the numbers are running for his landslide....think about that, in all the attacks on Donald Trump and he keeps growing stronger.

Back to the show though.........

Jews in France are getting the message, in they are fleeing that nation in droves. They have been informed by the elders that a civil war is coming in France from Obama Merkel Muslim terror imports.............just ask yourself by Big and Little Jew in America is not warning the Jews in New York City of their atomic vaporization, in letting the sheep bleat there as targets?
Bloomberg instead of trying to destroy America, should get his head out of his kosher and realize the elders are intent on exterminating Jews in the New York ghetto, as money Jew in America is a competitor.

Once again, the Lame Cherry trying to save the Jews from their elite, as they refuse to make the big donations as they grip their gold, thinking it is going to save them.

French Jews have been told what is coming to Paris and are in exodus. Why are New York Jews not being told? Because American Jewry is supposed to die.

Jews Leave France In Record Numbers

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