Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lurch with a Tude

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I could not find a still or the live feed of the Obama's returning from another of their million dollar Hawaiian vacations, but it is worth noting a pattern in this which is bizarre and chilling.

In the 2016 episode, image Obama gets off Marine One, with Lurch and he sort of grabs her and she moves off in the lead. The entire attitude of Lurch is attitude amplified. This girl really loathes birther Obama.

You have to understand in this, that this entire family is schooled. It knows the coverage is always on them, and Lurch took it upon herself to throw a fit in public with the worst look of disdain since the last time.
Usually the Lurch and the Linebacker are yucking it up as people suffer, but this girl really steams with fury at image Obama.

What follows is bizarre. There is the Linebacker, wandering around aimlessly in a direction like a drunken dog, and then there is always Muchelle clomping along like the maid with some bag, looking like a slave from 1850 in having lost all hope.


This is all about image, so the question is why would image Obama choose to portray intimacy with his daughter, constantly, and his "wife" as the house Nigger, along with the more ugly daughter or the daughter who looks more black. That is deliberate, as much as all Lurch has to do, is walk calmly from Marine One, into the White House, and then have her hissy fit, but instead this kid is always on display with a constant bitch on.

.......and yes this is how the Obama's let their daughter dress in public.

With Joey BadASS as her choice in sperm donors, Planned Parenthood is going to run into an entire new profit structure in the Frequent Flier Plan.