Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Benelli M 4, like Toyota, the Obama Terror Choice


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As image Obama illegally attempted to disarm Americans, and to use doctors against their patients to turn them into the BATFE, there was a massive shipment of containers which were labled "furniture".
This shipment was discovered by Greek Authorities, and upon opening the containers, there were found Benelli (Italian) combat shotguns.

These are expensive military weapons and like in all weapon's manufacture the source is ISIS supporting Turkey of the Obama regime.

In World War I, the Americans created the "trench warfare" modes of operations, and the Americans developed the 1912 shotgun for trench warfare. These shotguns in military mode are loaded with 2 3/4 inch shells, with buckshot. They are the most vicious and perfectly made weapon for short range armed combat.
The United States Marines when first arriving in Vietnam, were armed with these same Winchester Model 12 trench guns for jungle warfare.

Literally, these Muslim invaders, imported by Angela Merkel and now being dumped into America, are being armed with the most lethal weaponry for slaughtering assembled groups of unarmed people.

These firearms go for 1800 American retail.

They are 8 shot, 55 yard weapons. There are 15 pellets the size of a 44 Magnum with each trigger pull. There are not going to be any survivors with each pull of that trigger.

One shipment, among another found in Italy. A massive arming of these terrorists, and I remind all of you that Turkey makes firearms for numbers of European makers as in the owners of Browning and Winchester in America. How long before one of these gun ships drops off a dozen shipping containers for the Obama terror imports?

Eric Holder armed Mexican terrorists, remember that.

Yet image Obama is moving to disarm the most vulnerable of Americans in the elderly and sick.