Sunday, January 31, 2016

May all your Iowa Caucuses be White

 Large breasts make everyone feel better, as you never saw a baby turn one down.

- Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am a bit miffed at the attempt of voter suppression against Donald Trump in Iowa, due to this fictional blizzard on Monday.

OK so we get this understood.

In Iowa, people do not stop doing things when it snows.

In Iowa, unless the wind is blowing 70 is not a blizzard.

In Iowa, there are things called cities and towns where most people live, so they can caucus as a foot of snow will only track in the center and the rest is 6 inches and no one pays any attention to 6 inches of snow in Iowa.

There are many things which this storm will be called in Iowa..........such as "f*cking snow", "GD weather" and my favorite of "This sh*t", and it is all followed by "When is it going to end".

In Iowa, like in most places in America where this snow will hit from New Mexico, Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin, every one who still has a job will still have to go to work, teachers will try to get out of work and set the kids free with ways to annoy people, and the rest of the Obama out of work, will be doing what they always do as this is no storm.

In brighter news, The Blaze with Glenn Beck has just burned down to the ground.

It seems that Jesus does love Donald Trump and God avenges His Donald...........snow will be a blessing for Donald Trump as all things work together for  them that love the Lord.

Giving a blizzard a name is like giving a name to a herpes canker.

- Lame Cherry

May all your Iowa caucuses be the Oscars. It must be a God thing.

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