Monday, February 1, 2016

Justice is a Popularity Drama

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The scope of the charges against the Ammon Bundy Patriots are so narrow, and designed that way by the FBI to create an absolute conviction on "Were Fish and Wildlife personnel stopped from going to their jobs", is designed so that all of the miscarriages of Justice which Gregory Bretzing, FBI Special Agent engaged in, in psyops warfare and in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, can not ever be brought up in trial, as the Judge is a former prosecutor, and has revealed she is no nonsense, and is for this oddest phobic reason, afraid of the Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum type.

This personally is strange to me, as I will relate a real story about someone like this.

This person was a bit of a live wire, in wearing his gun around town on his hip. It came to a point where for some reason the State Police became involved, and one night the Troopers were camped out afraid on top of a hill leading this man's home, whose name was Charlie.

The Sheriff appeared and said he was going down there, and the Troopers were wide eyed and warning the Sheriff not to go down there or he would be killed. The Sheriff went down there and talked to Charlie with something like, "Charlie, you got a court appearance in the morning. You going to be there?"
Charlie said he would and the Sheriff went home.

Next day Charlie was at the Court House, and the District Attorney was pleading with the Judge to not set bail and keep Charlie in jail. The Judge looked at Charlie and said, "Charlie you have court date next week, are you going to be here?"

Charlie said, "Yes sir", and Charlie showed up, because he gave his word.

I realize this is something foreign to Americans, but these Westerners like LaVoy Finicum, once they give their word, they will die keeping it, even if it means going to a trial they do not believe in.

If the Judge in Oregon, Stacie Beckerman, asked Ammon Bundy if he was going to show up, and Ammon Bundy gave his word, Ammon Bundy would show up.

That is the thing in this, that the forensic psychologists know, and how the manipulate Veterans and LaVoy Finicum into positions where the police state executes them, as that is what is designed.

In looking at the FBI complaint, it honestly reads ridiculous as entrapment document. The things focused on were the USFW being denied to do their jobs and guns. As Gerry Spence would say, "You don't put your client on trial, you put the government on trial", and that is how he won a massive settlement over Ruby Ridge.

As I look at the court as a chessboard, the Judge is sharp woman who is interested in law, and there is no room for mercy or grace. She would be a difficult woman to get anything by, but in that, this case has to be tried on the terms of what the FBI is charging, and that is federal employees not being able to do their job, and those impediments in guns.
Those two things have to be turned on their head and against the government before a jury, and juries require things to feel sorry about to acquit, and that is what this is all about.

If there are no direct statements to USFW employees from Bundy's Group to not come into work, then it is a reality that the federales have no ground to stand on for the charge, especially when it is introduced that the Bundy Group was shoveling snow and doing more than the USFW would do in the winter at Malheur.
That is the weak point in this, as much as the front sign saying this was YOUR refuge, and you were welcome to come in. There is nowhere it says without guns on that sign, and no where does it say that people can not stay there all winter, gathered in 1st Amendment Rights of peaceful protest.

The Judge has already revealed her bias that this was not a peaceful protest, but in that the defense can ask every witness, "How many people did Bundy murder", How many people did Bundy beat up" etc.... Each witness will answer none, and when the spies are put on the stand and have to state they were captured, fed hot soup, treated well and released, it erodes every aspect of the case that there was any threat from these people, as they were as much at home there, and had every right on their tax payer purchased property to defend themselves if shot at by a robber or by the FBI.

That is where this has to build then, because Ammon Bundy is going to have to take the stand, to explain his rhetoric, but to answer these questions as that is what the charges are:

Mr. Bundy, did you intend to harm any federal official or keep the USFW from doing their jobs?

Mr. Bundy, the federales in the charges state that you parked heavy equipment on the road to block it, did you mean to keep the USFW from doing their jobs?
Mr. Bundy what was your intent then for these vehicles?

That is the shaky ground here, and objections will be screamed out and gavels thumped, but the defense has to have a right to present their client's reasoning for what they are doing, when the government is saying it is something else to charge them.

Get that through, and then enter into evidence that tank at Waco attacking that compound and going up in flames. Let the jury see that, and then have Mr. Bundy confirm exactly that is what he was afraid of.

This then has to be built upon, with why they were armed for the reason of keeping snipers at a distance so like Ruby Ridge women would not get their heads blown off while holding their infants.

Again footage of the Weaver family in the BATFE shooting dogs and mothers.

That brings us to the necessary question of, Mr. Bundy did you give up or were you arrested?

On the refuge?

Why were you off the refuge?

Mr. Bundy was this a peaceful arrest for yourself and the rest of your party?

What took place Mr. Bundy.
I was arrested when an FBI mole lured me into a trap, and my best friend was shot by the FBI.


Your Honor, this goes to the government's charges and these people's mindset, as they are accused of being armed, blocking roads and interfering with USFW service personnel, and the reality is everything they feared, took place exactly as they were trying to save themselves from.

If the Judge sustains, then it is a matter of again of are all the people in your group here today?

The people would introduce the entire recording of the arrest of Mr. Bundy and the apprehension of the others with Mr. Finicum and his death at the hands of those now prosecuting Mr. Bundy.

Get that evidence into this trial, in triplicate of Waco, Ruby Ridge and Malheur, and no jury in this world is going to find these people guilty, as the Bundy Group did not interfere with any federal employee doing their jobs, and actually did their jobs, enough so that the jury now seeing a man who surrendered, was repeatedly shot down by the federales, they are all going to walk on not guilty charges.

The FBI never touched the tearing down of fences, because that introduces the Hammonds. They never brought up the terror threats, as that would bring up their terrorism. They did make the mistake of the "threats" against a BLM employee in December, but that should have been thrown out, as it has nothing to do with the USFW, but it does have to do with the Hammond's, and that defendent's lawyer should bring up the entire Hammond family having their ranch stolen and being terrorized into signing over that ranch.

A Judge can railroad anyone into prison, but there is still the matter of being able to answer the charges which the federales are prosecuting that person or group into prison for.

This FBI filing is extremely bad, hamstrung and it has holes in it that Gerry Spence, God rest his soul, if he was alive would have the government on trial and his clients off with the jury weeping for all of them.

One has to use the system to beat the system, and this is one way to prove the innocense of the Bundy Group. You can never win fighting the federales charges, you to put them on trial and use their charges against them.

That is what I would do as one gambit in this trial. All of these people can be freed, and they should be freed already on bond, as they are Americans who if they gave their word, would be back in court, and not back on that refuge barracaded in, as they will not flee and they certainly are not any threat to anyone.

If LaVoy Finicum gave you his word, you could turn your entire world over to him, go away for five years, and your world would be just as safe as the day you left it. That is what Westerners are. That is why they are not a match for the FBI, because those dudes along with the federales have been lying, posting propaganda, harrassing Citizens in Burns for months, and blaming Americans to destroy these people.

You give that Judge the opportunity to respect you, and she will do it. I only would have preferred Ammon Bundy to have told that Judge that he gave her his word to go home, come back for trial and to behave, and when she came up with her remark simply said, "I keep my word your Honor, because I answer to God and my family first, and I will not break my word".

I will leave this at that.