Thursday, January 28, 2016

Not in our Pond

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Seriously my children and my brats, we really have to end this parade of our genocide from the FBI murdering Americans in Oregon and the Pentagon starting nuclear war with Russia, and start the process of saving America in voting for Donald Trump in huge margins, because as I warned all of you Jeb Bush is out there and a fake poll just had him rising to 18% in New Hampshire.

We are in the deadly time for America, in the state is dead, and what comes next is a mass execution and annihilation if Americans do not get this right.

image Obama is out of control, meaning no longer in control of the Pentagon. What has taken place is the conglomerate faction that has Jeb Bush talking about scorched Europe in Reverse Speech has taken control. They seized illegally an air base in Syria, meaning our jets are in the same space as Russian jets who have the right to be there, and now this wonderful reality of this:

Russian fighter nearly collides with U.S. intel jet over Black Sea...

Ask yourself, if a Russian recon jet was flying 30 miles from the American coast in Lake Superior by Wisconsin, would you be alarmed at this, if it was an international flight lane or would you think as a moron that this was acceptable?

This is what the American military was just caught at, in spying on Russia, 30 miles from their coast in "international airspace over the BLACK SEA, which is Russian waters. The Russian military responded appropriately in sending an SU 27 Interceptor, which closed on the American jet, flew alongside, and then at 20, banked hard with a hard burn, and used it's thrust to about knock the jet out of the sky, as a hard ball message to get the fuck out of Russian airspace and to stop fucking with Russia, as ..................wait a minute, the Russians in this Obama regime had their people murdered just like in Oregon, by Obama operatives in Turkey, so I guess the Russians would be a little testy about a recon jet spying on them in their own pond.

This is dangerous, as in nuclear warfare dangerous. It makes America look weak, and it makes Russia look in control which she is, and for military types it is amusing in the Russian blew an American jet about out of the sky with just a hard bank.

Amusement aside, that is why Donald Trump needs to be protected and win this by your votes. America needs dialogue with Mr. Putin, and not probes up his ass, irritating the nuclear Russia more.

Do not forget the articles posted here in the Russian General Staff telling the world, they have the cobalt nuclear submarine to create a gamma ray tidal wave which will fry the American coastal cities of liberal voters, when some idiot Cruz or Sanders jet invades Russia again, the Russians swat at it, it goes down, and some moron relatiates, and the Russians simply launch an obliteration strike on America.

America is no so degraded, that when war comes, it will be the death of millions WMD's which will finish that war. The Obama regime needs to be told to Stand Down, along with Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. We do not have months to do this, as the Pentagon has us already in war contact with Russia. The only way to do this is Donald Trump, who Vladimir Putin acknowledged that he can work with in respect.

Vladimir Putin just sent a message in a Hot War way. I hope all of you got that message as I have had it with your playing with my life in exposing me to Oregon mass murder and Russian nuclear obliteration, in thinking you know how to vote.