Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The European Dichtomy of Torture

Breivik's bare study cell in Ila high-security prison outside Oslo

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This story is three years old in the basis of it, but it is an interesting dichotomy in how the Norwegians can in the Noble Prize Committee award American, Barack Hussein Obama, an Peace Award, when the Obama regime has slaughtered over 500,000 Muslims in Asia and Africa, while a violent Negroid insurrection brews in the States.

Europe is a dichotomy, as in Germany,  Germans are thrown out of their homes for Muslims and little children are in forced labor mandated to clean up after Muslims. In that same vantage, there is not a European leftist who would not condemn Gitmo and yet the harsh treatment in  the complaints of Andres Breivik of Norway, have gone unanswered as he charges he was being frozen to death in prison.

Mass murderer Breivik to sue Norway over prison conditions ...

Lawyers for Anders Breivik, ... Anders Behring Breivik, ... Norwegian government for "torture" over the conditions he is being held under in prison. ...

Three layers of clothes to keep warm is not exactly Gitmo balmy standards which are condemned by the Obama regime for closing that terror facility.
The very things which the Nazi Gestapo was made to answer for, is a reality of the Norwegian system in breaking down the psychological will of a human.

Isolate them. Make them feel helpless and then freeze them, are all standard techniques of intelligence interrogation methods for terrorists, but let us not forget that Mr. Breivik is not a terrorist, but is a convicted felon in Norway. There is not any information to be gleaned from Mr. Breivik, and doing this for years on end, is what the Argentinian Junta was accused of as much as Castro's Cuba in breaking people in isolated confinement.

It is the desire of this blog to further this examination of the evidence in a first hand account, but until then, the world is faced with a reality that liberals are torturing a Norwegian Caucasian, who is supposed to be protected from such misconduct, while outside those prison walls, Muslims are raping Scandinavian women with carte blanche protection by the regime there.

It is all a dichotomy, and offers the question if Andres Breivik was Muhammed Ballah, would he now have children serving him like slaves at the behest of the government, as he lived a life of ease on a pension as a refugee?
The Belgiums had absolutely not any rush to capture the wealthy Muslims who turned the people of Paris into French Mutton, due to OPEC oil money connections to the regime there, and once again if Andres  Breivik was funded by OPEC sheikhs would he have an oasis in prison, instead of an iceberg?