Sunday, January 10, 2016

NFL: Nig Felon League

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not watch NFL nor any sports any longer, but commentary is commentary when I pick up the naughty bits of Boomer Esiason whining about his Bengals being out of control asses, in losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the AFC wildcard playoffs.

The synopsis of this is, the Bengals had the game won, and then lost it to a head shot to a Pittsburgh player in a 15 yard penalty, and then the Nig started shoving the Refs around, and the Steelers had the game handed to them.

The blame in the game was for the head coach Marvin Lewis, who gathers around him gangsta Nigs which other teams ban, and the NFL should ban, but for some reason the Obama NFL keeps this Nigger football around, as blacks like thinking they have you get the Vikings and Panthers having playoffs handed to them, to make these mostly white products of the Slave era masters, think they are winners, just like putting Obama in the White House when he belongs more in his job description as choom head smoker at the pineapple patch.

I don't blame a coon like Marvin Lewis, and use the word coon with no disrespect as that is what Marvin Lewis is. He is a coon who is employed by the white owners, in the white liberal Obama NFL, to make out of control Nigs play, by telling them being gangsta is ok, as long as they bring in the black audience.

See Marvin Lewis is a coon. You can't put a coon in charge of Nigs and expect anything out of them, but their being Niggers. Dennis Greene of Minnesota, years ago, assembled a coon team, led by the worthless Daunte Culpepper and equally worthless gangsta Randy Moss who ran over white street cop chicks with his car. The NFL let the Nigs play for ratings and they had no talent. The Vikings imploded because of Greene, and the NFL is imploding due to liberal whites putting Nigs in charge of things in which they have no talent.

A generation ago, there was a white man, named John Madden. Most of you will probably recognize the name. Madden was head coach of the Oakland Raiders. His boss Al Davis, was some kind of mafia fringe guy, and Madden employed ever out of control player in the NFL, that other teams threw off their teams.

It was a reality, that a number of Madden's Raiders were bailed out of jail on Sunday morning for drunk and brawling arrests the night before. The thing is, most of them were white men, and this white man could make these bastards play like champions on Sunday, because the thing is Madden had a rule. You could be out of control off the field, but on the field, you never made mistakes.......and you could kill people as long as it won the game.

Fred Biletnikoff's Daughter's Killer Cries in Court | NBC Bay Area

One of my favorite players was Fred Bilentnkoff, a wide receiver. He looked like something that came off a bar stool in a Hells Angels bar, but he was a tough SOB. In one game, a hit tore a kidney loose, and he about passed out. He sat on the bench, revived, went back into the game, got hit again, tore the bloodclot loose and about passed out again. He played because he was tough and it was expected of him.

Madden was interesting as he once tore a payphone off the wall in a playoff loss......he never lost it on the field, but he went nuts off the field.

That is the difference in all of this, different era of American Presidents, white people in control, and now the Affirmative Action of liberal NFL and the Obama era has these Afroids told to keep the Nigs playing, but they have no ability to keep them under control, as they are not bright enough to understand cause and effect.

So a Steelers receiver trash talks you all through the game, and at the end, a Bengals player decides to rub in the loss and take the guys head off. The Nig does not equate that he does not have a 20 point lead or a 2 point lead where a field goal will win it.
Who the hell knows about these Nigs, as it is like the Last Boy Scout, in some player is paid to make sure his team loses, and to make sure, he make an illegal hit, and shoves a ref, and the Steelers win. In either case of being stupid or a plantation Nigger for the Vegas mafia following Obama was, the end result it is ...........well like Benghazi as Obama's Sand Niggers are supposed to kidnap Chris Stephens and instead end up ass raping the queer, and someone else gets blamed.

Things though are lovely in the NFL.  The Minnesotans had a nice warm inside stadium in which Nigs would play, and instead went outdoors thinking it was white coach Bud Grant, getting whites and blacks to play in the cold, but now it is just a team of blacks not playing in the cold, and Seattle comes to town and shivers a win out.

The Affirmative Action NFL is in decline like all the Affirmative Action professional teams, as what was once Americans in Jack Youngblood telling a trainer to tape up his broke femur so he could keep playing and he did, is now this NFL, Nig Felon League run by the rich white wardens.

There are too many NFL teams for the lack of talent. America with more people, has less Americans in it, so the football like all sports are Nig mediocre. The American military is the same political minder squad of losers at the top, and when the time comes for a real war, Americans are going to be shredded by Eurasians when the battle comes.

So people can blame Marvin Lewis, but not their own Designer Negro in the White House, nor their own being whores for the NFL and every other sports, job or regime, because if the public put a stop to the sodomite, rapists, gangsta and invaders in America, then all this trash would be where it belongs, laying in some pineapple patch run over by a Dole truck or shot by some white homeowner or cop, when they entered their neighborhoods.

See Marvin Lewis is being blamed for being a Nigger and employing Niggers. It is all versed a great deal differently in the media, but that is what they are all saying. Yet when the Lame Cherry tells you exactly what is being talked about, it is apologized for, as you vote for it and let your sons and daughters fuck it.

Let us all go back to pretend, and when you wake up with a 100 Muslims raping you, you will find what the NFL is all about and what your minder regime has been about.