Wednesday, January 20, 2016

No Mr. Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump is floating Scott Brown as his Vice Presidential pick, that Massachusetts reject who stabbed the Tea Party in the back, in being sent to Congress to stop Obamacare, and after he lied to the people of the Commonwealth was rightly booted the hell out of office.

Mr. Trump can and will do what he sees fit as the nominee, and this story on FOX for Obama and Jeb is designed to create a problem in Mr. Trump's momentum, as Donald Trump always, "loves everyone", but this Lame Cherry voice points out that Scott Brown is not an adequate choice.

Donald Trump requires several things in the Vice President.

Mr. Trump is northeast, he does not need northeast Brown, but he must choose West or South to help the ticket.
His choice must win the State that candidate comes from.
Mr. Trump is White male, he needs someone who is White female, or Latinoid, Mongoloid male.
Mr. Trump is an Industrialist. He therefore needs a Militarist hero, or a Politicist in a Governor.
Mr. Trump is Nativist politically in being pro American. He is appealing to all the groups not right wing in the Reagan Democrats, and needs to cement his Conservative base to bring home the Paul and Cruz hardliners.

As an example of the balance Mr. Trump would have on the GOP ticket, a top candidate would be US Congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Spokane, Washington.

Representative Rodgers is a Conservative Republican, the most powerful woman in the Republican House for a number of years, survived the Boehner Ryan sullying, and is Laura Bush pretty. She would bring in Washington, and that pretty is worth 15% in the polls, no matter what kind of skank the liberals throw out on their ticket.

Still voting for Donald Trump, and I realize the candidates are sparse as the New Mexican Governor Susana Martinez made a political blunder in reveling too much, but there are balance choices out there, in no one being perfect, but you take a Vice President along not for perfection, but in convincing the voters that what they are voting for you for, is not going to be Fag John Roberts voting in Obamacare.

Nuff said.