Wednesday, January 20, 2016

States Rafael Ted Cruz will win in 2016 in White

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For the Ted Cruz supporters, Rafael Ted Cruz is not your worst enemy, you are your own worst enemy.

After the debacles of your leader dissing New York, which is pure ass brain, as YOU NEED THE EAST to win the Presidency, your Rafael then decided to political rape Sarah Palin........and then backed away from that like New York......proving all the things you were whining about in defending him were wrong, as society rejects that kind of politics.

Then when Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad told the world that Ted Cruz must be defeated, you went on a rampage again, filling comment sections with threats against Sarah Palin and attack Trump supporters........again WHO YOU NEED TO BE PRESIDENT.

Rafael Ted Cruz killed his Presidential aspiration, and you Cruzlings have buried them forever. You have antagonized the left, and now like the Ron and Rand Paul supporters you are antagonizing the right, which you need to survive.

All of that proves you are reactionary and are not adult enough to govern anything, because you can not govern yourselves. You conduct is deplorable, equal to the garbage coming out of the Obama and Bush trolls.

You have absolutely no idea how any of this works, and have responded like the very people you say you are disgusted by. You are acting like spoiled brats who think you are entitled to this nomination.

If Donald Trump survives the manipulations you have been engaged in from the elite, in 4 years of a Trump recovery, you are going to be claiming like all the nimwits that you were a Trump supporter all along, that you could see the genius of Trump, just like all those now geniuses who never voted for Ronald Reagan could see that too, as they were voting for frauds like George H. W. Bush.

I told you before, that I will not vote for Ted Cruz, as he is not trustworthy. Cruz is not eligable and Cruz backstabs everyone he comes into contact with. He is a perfect petty dictator, and he is going to unleash on you just as soon as you wake up.

Ted Cruz ruined his wife's career and drove her to almost suicide. That is what Ted Cruz is.

Ted Cruz joined hips with the New York sodomites, while lying to you he is Christian.

Ted Cruz is joined at the lips with Obama policy and is a McConnell secret stooge in his voting record and shananigans in Congress.

Ted Cruz is hated by the Bush people because he betrayed them, after seeking friendship.

Ted Cruz is hated by the Rockefeller people because he betrayed them after seeking friendship.

Ted Cruz after lying about being friends to Donald Trump, blurted out he is waiting around for Trump to die, so all the Trump voters will then vote for him.

I will not ever vote for Ted Cruz for those reasons. I will vote Constitution or whatever if Donald Trump is not the nominee. I will not vote for another damned 3rd world foreigner in the White House, because I never voted for that fraud Obama, as the Constitution means things.

So I am telling you bratty Rafael Ted Cruz supporters to take a time out. You have ruined yourselves as Ted Cruz has ruined you. You have destroyed any chance you had at Cruz being President in alienating the Big East, alienating Trump supporters, alienating Palin supporters, alienating women  and alienating Americans.

There is nothing principled about Ted Cruz. He is as shifty as Hillary Clinton, smarmy as image Obama and as two faced as Jeb Bush. Ted Cruz appealed to your fiction which you worshipped and he spoke to the child in you, to take the Cruz candy, before he lured you into the van.

I want you in the Republican party as I want YOUR AMERICAN IDEALS and YOUR AMERICAN PASSIONS, but I do not want your leader as he is a fraud who betrayed them and you. I want your political ideology whipping those traitors in Congress from each of your districts and Donald Trump berates them in public, to get you the things you want in secure borders in a fence built, the invaders stopped, you getting a high paying job and your not being criminalized any more for being an American.

Donald Trump is the only shot you have at this now, as Rafael Ted Cruz ruined his chances and your dreams. I can forget your temper tantrum in coming to terms with this in the first round, but you either grow the hell up now, or there is going to be hell to pay for all of us, and I am not going to forget this whining in the future, because there will be no future for America without Donald Trump resurrecting America.

Ted Cruz is like your first puppy love fiction. You created something in your mind, and Ted declared to you that he was all your dreams. Now after Ted has stolen your Mama's silverware, slept with the football team, shot the sheriff........there you are defending him, and about to wake up and wonder, "What in the hell am I doing with this psycho picking a fight with the entire town?"

Allot of people thought Ronald Reagan was not the guy either, and were quite vehement for John Connally of Texas, Harold Stassen of Pennsylvania, John Anderson of Illinois, Howard Baker of Tennessee, Lowell Weiker of Connecticut and Larry Pressler of South Dakota. I would add George H. W.  Bush of Texas, because you would not know him, except Ronald Reagan made him a political figure in Americans trusted HW just like you did Ted Cruz.
No one is going to remember Ted Cruz in a few years, like no one is going to remember Bernie Sanders. All they are going to remember is Donald Trump. You can bitch, piss and moan all you want, but you do it on Ted Cruz letting you down, and you do it on Birther Hussein's cradle caste, as that is what I am about and told you from day one.

My objective is to remove Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, to ride Donald Trump out of this Obama Abyss. After that, it is your country to piss away again in trusting your executioners again. By God's Grace, I am close to both objectives which I started out a few short months ago.

Do not piss this up, or God is going to come down on you like a ton of brick, as I will not forget this, as I am becoming more and more convinced that what I posted here long ago, about God raising up a Jehu, and that Jehu is Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump is of God, and you are fighting God, you will regret it. So take a breath, mutter at the TV for awhile, and the come back into this unloaded of Ted Cruz, as none of you Cruzlings are in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, and are never going to vote for this Rafael of Canada. So get over it and start preparing a strategy not on scorn, but on who the blessed is going to get you what you want in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

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