Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anit matter.

I want to apologize to those who left a note in Paypal this past few weeks, as Paypal used to show the notes people wrote if you clicked "more features", but has stopped doing that. I did not want the Lady who mentioned feeling defeated to think I was ignoring her.
I did reply to the message she sent, but it is important enough to post here as a teaching reality, like Job in his experience, that we need to learn from.

I am going to use myself as the object lesson, as it is better in no one gets embarassed in this, and low self esteem types only use my personal information to make nasty digs at me.

Most people look at the Lame Cherry and see the success of a global site that changes the way the elite speak and think. I though desire to take you to a time, after my dad died, who was not a nice man in he was extremely abusive.
I was quite ill at the time, very low self esteem, no money .....yet the same situation, and struggling to deal with a personal addition I was plagued by (no not drugs, but people have all sorts of things they medicate with), and there just was no feedback from God and I thought He hated me.

I worked very hard one winter, in writing a novel, and completed it, and happened on PBS or something to find an agent for the book in Minnesota. I contacted his office and he told me to send it in.
They replied that the book was a good read, and they were working on it. For the first time in my life I felt like something was going right. I can still remember singing praises to God in actually being delivered.
I was not delivered though. I heard nothing from these people. I grew more despondent, and finally Mom phoned them as I could not just take any more rejection. After some bitching, they finally agreed to send the manuscript back......which returned smelling like it was cured in Marlboro smoke.

I was devastated and that is what satan accomplished, but then there were a couple of people who betrayed me, some more failures at other writing ventures, and having what I did have stolen from me, when I tried to help a really nasty bitch who still lives in Mississippi.

Before TL appeared, I was looking for a way out that God would accept, and I figured I would work myself to death. I already was the person who never slept, was quite ill, and I honestly would be dead now if  things did not change.

When I started in on this blog, I told God that a person who had threatened me was around, I could not do this with that person two weeks that person was dead. The rest you pretty much know in recorded here in the ups and downs of Lame Cherry. If I would have given up in defeat and died, I would not have been here to help the people I have.....and they would not me to reach out to.

Life sucks. Life hurts. Life is tears. The Russians had it right in people are born, they suffer, and then they die. I do not want people to focus on that though, because every one of us has a half dozen people out there, we never think  about, whose lives we touched in some way, who would do almost anything for us.
So someone destroys my life, almost hands me over to satan, I am devastated and hurt, and someone comes along by satan and does it part two, but years went by and TL appeared.

The hurts have not stopped. It has been devastating in these animals dying, and the distractions like my teeth at the moment, but there is at least something there, like someone who is feeling defeated, reaching out, and I can care about them in their goodness, because they were always good to me. This Lady, I am certain has numerous admirers, even if she is being treated unkindly by others at the moment. We always touch peoples lives, and the one thing no one can ever take from us is our relationship with God and being in His family.
I know God does not seem very cuddly when we are down, but He is there. He loves us, and He is going to give us days to make us smile that we will be glad we are alive for.

I am still learning patience. I learn that as Daisy rockets out of the barn, gets in the feed bags and decides kicking at me is fun. That is just Daisy, and I would rather have her healthy being herself than not feeling good.
Even caring for that sick buck has things. There are stars at night, and last night 13 cats were perched on his blanket as I shined the flashlight in on them. I could not see that if I was warm and in bed.

I recommend that we structure our lives, to train us and give us meaning. Prayer and Bible study beginning the day and ending it. Putting meaning on something we can look forward to whether it is coffee........I dearly love Raspberry flavored coffee with sugar and cream........but I never can find it, but all the same I look forward to it when I can, and whether it is a walk to just get away from things, or thinking about a gardening catalogue, that is something I look for to treat myself.
Granted most people are not boring like I am, in having wonderful interests, but we all have something we like, and with God we can occupy ourselves. There are always better days and times ahead, we just have to get to them.

We do not have to have our names in papers. We do not have to be famous. There are all sorts of things which can be done that are more important than being President, and what makes them important is your enjoying them and God being pleased you are enjoying them.

In most cases, 10 years goes by and when we look back, we can see that we are grateful that we are not in that old situation which was not good for us. Just imagine being around people who feed on their own in good times, what they would do in handing you over to the authorities for a jar of jelly in bad times, like the Jews did to their own.

You have the Victory in Christ, so no one is ever defeated. Look upon the things lost, as things that are better removed, and God will give you a better life to glorify Him.

I never would have constructed this life in the way it has become. I had other plans and other people, and I know if it was my way, some of you would be dead now, some of you would be going astray to your hell doom,  and even goatikins suffering, they would not be here, if I had not suffered and gotten the original goats who are now all dead.

You enjoy what you can, turn the sorrows over to Christ, and always remember that all of these hurts are not going to remembered every again in the eternity of God. He Promises that in Isaiah the Prophet. Some days it is just putting one foot ahead  of the other. Some days there are nice surprises. Most days I have to be little Mary Sunshine in speaking things like "Well 10 above is better than 20 below".........but God is there and the other night it was supposed to be 20 below, but it was zero. God was being God again. No it was not tulips blooming, but it was one night that things did not get stressed more than they should.

Each of you is worth loving and I do care about you, and God cares always. Never forget that, as that is what is only important, and not all this other stuff that appears on this blog. People get hurt, and you learn to appreciate the small joys, and learn in time you are grateful that the people or things you thought were defining you, were only ruining you.

All things work together for them that love the Lord.  I know they do, even if in the bad times I am shaking my head, groaning over God once again showing how great He is in my weakness.

People rise from the ashes many times in life, before they rise from the dead to Christ eternal. Jesus carries us through all of our renewals.

There is always a better day in a tomorrow ahead prepared for you.

God hold you and comfort you in Jesus Care and the Holy Ghost Comfort in His Name Amen and Amen