Tuesday, January 19, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is an alert in how bad things are in the American Economy, as American Express began in January to push it's PLENTI card, which is an attempt to negate the Cash Rewards card which paid 1% to users and paid nothing compared to Discover Card.

Plenti is the old points reward scheme, where no one ever redeems them, and it forms that syndicate of Rockefeller companies getting you to buy their gas and expensive clothes for these worthless points.

The reason AE does this, is so it does not have to pay any money back to consumers.......again this means how tight their cash flow is, and how bad it is going to degrade in America, as none of these companies in a degrading stock market can afford to lose any cash to you.

The Obama face behind this, is this 3rd  world looker, Abeer Bhatia, who is the conglomeratist employed as an alphabet titled job, to steal your money from you.

Abeer Bhatia | Money20/20

Abeer Bhatia is the EVP and CEO of U.S. Loyalty at American Express. He was responsible for guiding American Express into the coalition loyalty space including ...

So more good news in you are getting rid of image Obama, but his twin is in America, robbing you in another points scheme by a credit card company.

Anyway that is all that needs to be said, as it does not take that long to say WE ARE IN OBAMA ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE, again.

Again, go play with your Discover card, as it is the better deal in paying you when you use it, and keep some VISA lurking in your wallet as a bank card to fill in the gaps if you find places that Discover is not used.......because American Express certainly will not be used either.

Oh and if American Express had their Mogli donate a big payment to me, to hawk for PLENTI, I would do it, and tell you that I was hired to do it........but these corporations are not bright enough to hire the voices people will listen to, and just spend millions on Mogli and his ad campaigns which no one is enticed by.

American Express Reaffirms Earnings Outlook, Shares Fall ...

American Express Co. (AXP) reaffirmed its earnings outlook for 2015. The company expects 2015 EPS to be flat to down from the 2014 level.
That is why Mogli is stealing our money. 

So much easier to buy Lame Cherry too, and then schemer stories do not appear, and drive down stocks.......but no one buys the popular girl......including Discover and I post such nice things about them.

Nuff said