Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Write Wing News

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I always am interested in where Big Billionaire controls your information flow.......like on Limbaugh and Levin with Big Koch.......another billionaire is on Breitbart asking for Ted Cruz donations.......and that John Hawkins Right Wing News is nothing but propaganda, as Rafael Ted Cruz can do nothing wrong, and that Donald Trump is just failing............LEADING IN THE POLLS AND ALL NOT PAID FOR WHORES ARE LOVING MR. TRUMP.

Here is the evidence:

There is absolutely nothing objective on this John Hawkin's site. It bashes everyone, except that sodomite lover Ted Cruz, supporting Obamacare and voting for Obamatrade, while handing out gifts to Mexicans, and now TRASHING Sarah Palin.

Guess what about that Sarah Palin thing.......not one post on that site about Ted Cruz being a Political Rapist against Right Wing Women like Sarah Palin.

Observing the evidence on these Cruzlings, reminds me of the propaganda coming out of Havana Cuba.......yes you all have antique cars and are rich........but the reason you have old cars is Cuba can not afford new cars as Castro is the dictator ravaging the nation. In this case it will be Cruz, and these pathetic Obama panters, trying to destroy Donald Trump.........

Yes in a Ted Cruz vs. Hillary Clinton race, Hillary Clinton, indicted, in jail and in the grave still goes landslide against Rafael Cruz.

I am going to remember all of you frauds for Cruz, just like I have not forgotten Ann Coulter and Peggy Noonan's betrayal for Obama.

You frauds imbedded in the right, being paid propaganda whores should just come out of the closet and drag Ted Cruz with you in your sodomite position you have assumed.