Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Note to Big Koch, Glenn Beck, Matt Walsh and John Hawkins

Ignore Bob Dole’s harmful pleas to re-elect Pat Roberts | The Kansas ...

An alert to the Big Koch media whores:

Bob Dole has come out against Ted Cruz...........


Time to anal rape this old bastard like Chris Stevens, drag him through the streets like Co. Khadaffi and call him demon possessed by Matt Walsh...........

It is what you Godless trash who have been doing to political assassination to Republicans,  Donald Trump, Governor Terry Branstad, Governor Sarah Palin and every other American who dares to get out of your gulag, make an example of Bob Dole

Do not show 90 year old Bob Dole any mercy........attack him as senile, as a commie, a communer with satan.......sneak in and smothers this old bastard with a pillow to shut this prick up.

Come on Glenn Beck, then you can call up Elizabeth Dole and make fun of Bob after he is dead. Matt Walsh can quote more false doctrine, Ted Cruz can threaten to dig Bob up and drag him around the grave yard as a message to all who cross a Big Koch Latin Whore.

Come on you murderous political can not let Bob Dole get away with this.

What comes next Rafael Cruz...........beating the Trump children up? How about hanging the Trump dog on the front porch as a message to all who cross Big Koch.

Go get Bob Dole!!!!