Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Disgusting Bought and Paid for Right

The Tattoo Whored Image of the Beast Casting the First Stone

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to spend a great deal of time in dealing with Glenn Beck, Matt Walsh, John Hawkins, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz of the Big Koch political rape machine as the headlines will condemn them.

Matt Walsh casts the first stone for his 30 pieces of Judas silver.

This is supposedly "your" voice, which is literally working on destroying the GOP frontrunner, bringing in over 20% of the Democratic vote to obliterate Hillary Clinton, and they are casting the first stones at Donald Trump in hiding behind Christianity.

So the son of the Founder of the Moral Majority who helped elect Ronald Reagan, and is now vouching for Donald clueless like all the other Evangelicals for Donald Trump, who is more Christian espousing than Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush ever were.

There simply comes a time in this, that a reckoning is going to take place, whether Phineas or Fire and Brimstone, because for the past year, the tools of this sodomite Big Koch Frac attack on the American Political Right, has been seeking to install either Jeb Bush or when you woke up to that Ted Cruz, which in the end is going to bring the GOP defeat as NO Democrats are going to vote for those frauds, and the millions like myself are not going to vote for the candidates of the conglomerates again either.

Come Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the White House, I am going to make certain when Vladimir Putin's Chicom hordes invade these American shores, that this ilk is going to be the first rotting in a mass grave.

There is a line by Edmund O'Brien in the Wild Bunch, that he says to the Gorch Brothers after they piss on the old man, and it is the line written in stone to these traitors.

After this is over, I'll dog ya.