Saturday, January 9, 2016

PLA Alaska

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There is a Seer who mentioned in passing that in a coming war, that Alaska would be invaded by China. This sounded far fetched when the prediction was made, but considering in the age of Obama that China now views the China Sea as their pond, and have been sending their Navy out on junkets to Pearl Harbor and to Scandinavia, Peking has become at least a three ocean power.

I like logistics and ponder questions which seem insurmountable, but in reviewing the Chinese Communists, it is logical to deduce that China could easily invade Alaska and occupy it.

There really is not any difficult part in any of this, because China does not need a Navy, because it has the container ships to carry out an invasion, due to the Walmart product dumps as much as Cosco.

In noting that China is not going to leave the United States with a forward base as South Korea to lob warfare at Peking, it is astute to deduct that South Korea would be neutralized, along with their very sizeable shipping container fleet. It would be the best to use these containers in an Alaskan invasion, as one would use up vassal nation contraband, instead of your resources.

In that, Peking could land 1 million men, and equipment. Disarm and then drive the Alaskans south to be an immense refugee problem for America to deal with, as much as Canada.
The housing, resources, including animal populations would then allow the PLA to maintain itself in leisure, with American women as hostages, sexual slaves and as human shields, to negate a WMD attack upon the invaders.

By this, the Chinese could then suck on sweet crude, and seize HAARP, leaving America bare on this technological shield, and furthermore this system would then be employed to afflict America proper.

The technological advantage of American satellites would also be negated swiftly, and American precision weapons would be neutralized. It would require a direct combat in conventional warfare and a most difficult dislodgement.

If the Chicom could invade in September, secure territory by October, the winter would allow a Chinese dig in, and a horrid cold inland destruction of American forces, as the Chicoms would be in the balmy coast.

Providing the Chicoms could provision their Mongoloid colony, there might be an entire plantation of little rape bastards looking like Eskimo, eating fish, and armed with SKS, defending their colonial homeland from those nasty know them, in they did this racist confessional in voting for the despot Obama, who funded the Chicom military build up, addicted them to oil, and disbanded the American military and destroyed the economy, which convinced Peking to come and burn American oil and fuck American women, as American males gave up muscle cars and the garages to park their penis.

This has been fun in concluding that China will probably return to the slant eyed peoples due to Asian Obama, and they can indeed pull this little adventure off.
Bummer about the extermination of the wildlife to feed the Chicom once supply shipments are stopped by American response, but then the Americans bombed the German railroads to starve Jewish workers for the 1000 year Reich, so what is a few container ships sunk so the PLA can devour the caribou like .......well all those damned wolves and lions eating everything for the cartel.

Well enough of this pleasure, as we all can understand now the Chicom victories as the theater all becomes more plain.

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