Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shooting LaVoy Finicum over Bird Shit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Los Angeles Times kindly posted the entire criminal complaint against Ammon Bundy, the murdered LaVoy Finicum, Pete Santilli etc.... online and it is worth taking the time to read, as Special FBI Agent, Katherine Armstrong put a great deal of work into this complaint.

For those armchair patriots too lazy or sloven, that would be the same word for the Bernie Sanders voters, I happened to read it, and it sums up this way and it probably will have you wondering why in the heck millions of dollars were spent on this.

First, you should know that Special FBI Agent Armstrong, who has really lovely penmanship, that I would like to have, reads and watches everything you post online, and I mean everything, and everything you do is apparently a criminal act endangering America.

What Ammon Bundy was charged with and what LaVoy Finicum was murdered over, according to this complaint which puts living people in capital letters and dead people in small letters.......that part I could not figure out in the living people are charged, and yet LaVoy Finicum's activities are part of this complaint, is as follows.

They had guns according to the Second Amendment.

They had guns outside the refuge according to the Second Amendment.

They had guns inside the refuge according to the Second Amendment.

OK, there is a great deal of this photo evidence detailed, so over 100 million Americans with guns, this is something which shows up in criminal complaints.............when attached to Fish and Wildlife Service agents, who are stopped from doing their job, which is nothing in the middle of the winter in Oregon as this is a bird sanctuary.

I would add that, I heard that Pete Santilli was arrested on "conspiracy" charges, but I could not find that, only  that he was really popular in the FBI watched all he posted, and in promoting the occupation of the refuge, he was arrested too for keeping US Fish and Wildlife Service from doing their jobs.......which I might add as of late has been growing predators to kill all the wildlife, your pets and your livestock, as it is easier to manage things and people with everything dead and no one hunting anything.
There were not charges for this criminal act of the USFW, but they do collect great welfare paychecks for doing nothing.

That is about it, except for one confrontation, in town, in which a BLM employee was told they knew where she lived, and she was busy reporting then every vehicle parked around her after that for months, but again, there was nothing in these charges concerning that, as only Wildlife Officials Matter in this apparently.

I am sure that this all makes sense to the federals as federal employees not doing their jobs and watching porn has no one arrested, unless of course Americans with firearms, not pointing or threatening anyone with them is a crime. Apparently pocket knives must be fine, ropes to hang traitors is fine, and that is about all I have on that, as parking heavy equipment at a gate is noted too, but I was not clear in this complaint if that was equal to carrying guns which is a Constitutional Right, but then Pete Santilli said he had no gun, just his mouth, and that is apparently lethal too, as that is noted in the complaint.

We are fortunate my children and my brats though, as we finally have something sexy in this. I know after 8 years of the Obama's in people gouging their eyes out and puking ghetto green vomit, the Judge in this case, Stacie F. Beckerman is a hottie.

See what I mean, she poses like a centerfold, and now that Playboy has gone non nudie, maybe the Judge would do a spread, as this is going to be a trial or series of trials which we can now all appreciate.
I could not find a photo of Special Agent Armstrong with the nice penmanship, but we can hope that she is sexy too, as we need more women in this kind of thing, and it makes things so much more pleasant.

In synopsis of all of this, LaVoy Finicum according to the federal complaint was murdered over bird shit. There is nothing in this complaint about the FBI instigating the Paiute's to write letters to the Attorney General or FBI Director involving them in this criminal conspiracy of Hillary Clinton donors getting to mine yellow cake uranium on BLM lands, in why the Hammond's land was stolen, and why LaVoy Finicum was really assassinated in this Mormon on Mormon violence hate crime of Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, who really made a mess of this in his psyops and conning other agencies to do the murder work.

That does not matter, as now the birds can shit again in Oregon, the USFW can watch porn and be paid for it in welfare employment, and we have a sexy Judge to provide a more fair trial than the Hammond's got.
I do not know of the 7 years or whatever these people will get, is going to be revisited like the Hammonds in some mass terror charges by another federal, but that will be ok as we have a good looking Judge to distract us and make us feel better.

I just do not quite understand what is the difference between a Special Agent and an FBI Agent. They used to have FBI 158 grain semi wadcutter rounds as the FBI Special Load, but they no longer shoot 38's, so I do not know if they get special bullets yet and other agents only get unspecial bullets...or just what it is you get in being special as I saw no halos or anything........well except on LaVoy Finicum who is in Heaven, and when I inquired, he is quite at peace and is still the same peaceful gentle man he was before the FBI sent him there.

Oh one more thing, when the federal regime puts up a sign that says WELCOME TO YOUR REFUGE SYSTEM, is that not kind of like a pardon for all these Patriots as they were invited in, and it says nothing about impeding USFW people watching porn, taking up residence there or not having guns.

The federals invited the Patriots in to land their taxes purchased, and there is no warning about what they are charged with, as they probably thought they were in America yet.

Nuff Said.

Los Angeles Times reprint of Federal Criminal Complaint against the living and the dead