Saturday, January 30, 2016

The FBI Blind Corner Assassination of LaVoy Finicum

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Rense links posted a YouTube video produced by Ted Visner, which speaks to the sickened feeling all real Americans have after watching the murder of LaVoy Finicum. Mr. Visner in his drive through of the events makes information relevant which is chilling, and I desire to explain the reality of what he was exposing.

Ask yourself if you wanted to stop a vehicle, how would you do it? The reality is, all of you have never contemplated it, in how law enforcement is in many ways like a trapper, as there is a science to setting a trap to catch someone on the road.
Most of you have have seen police sitting in speed traps, and most of you have blurted out, "Oh shit!" before you knew it, because you are on top of the cop before you know it.

When I was doing my long journey to see TL the past few years, I learned a great deal in the study of the police state. Iowa is one of thee most notorious states in the disUnion, as their state police or highway robbers have a penchant for setting up speed traps just over bridge rises. There is a premier location just south of Missouri Valley and north of Council Bluffs where those bastards sit like coyote on carrion. It is because you naturally accelerate going up a hill, and once you reach the top, you pick up more speed, and there sits this highway robber nailing you at the fastest you could possibly be traveling.

That is what you have to remember in this, as that is the way law enforcement looks at all roads. They look to see blind spots, where you are on them and can not get away.

That is what Mr. Visner exposes in as I have stated, LaVoy Finicum was flushed like a rabbit by a pack of coyotes, and it was by design. The federals  left him sit in his pick up almost 10 minutes trying to unnerve him, and eye witness reports indicate the vehicle was fired upon, and that is why LaVoy Finicum drove off to save their lives.

This area in Oregon is curving roads, not winding roads. Curving roads mean you can pick up speed, while a winding road would mean 35 miles per hour. That is important and LaVoy Finicum was traveling at what looks to be in the 60 to 70 mph range.

Now put yourself into this situation, and think of some curve in your driving, where you can not see beyond it, and it was at this location that LaVoy Finicum was surprised by 3 trucks blocking the road with armed law enforcement pointing guns at him.
Mr. Visner makes the point in this no passing zone, that a very large F 250 Ford diesel moving at a highs speed, might not have been running a road block, but instead was trying not to ram into law enforcement. Mr. Visner states that Mr. Finicum's break lights came on as soon as he was around this corner, and they never came off until the Ford hung up in the snow, and Mr. Finicum was out of his pick up with his hands in the air.

This location was deliberately chosen by Special Agent Gregory Bretzing of Oregon, who oversaw this entire operation. We know this was deliberate as all law enforcement check points are, because there were snipers in the trees, as this was checked for firing lanes, and for the more appropriate Kill Zone, which this was.

Surprise an old man driving fast, by FBI design, and a crash takes place or as this location was deliberately set up, to have snow so deep a vehicle would hang up in the ditch, and the FBI has created a visual which was being tracked by a drone or helicopter, which looks like LaVoy Finicum was trying to run a roadblock, and of course that provides the FBI with carte blanche to assassinate Mr. Finicum, which Mr. Finicum realized in the moments before he was murdered, because with his hands raised in surrender, no one closed to arrest this old man, as is normal procedure. Instead as at the second stop, the shooters waited for an "excuse" to open fire, and when Mr. Finicum reached down to pull up his pants, he was opened up upon shortly afterwards.

So you understand this, there IS audio of all of this, as sickly as mini cams on ground level which captured all of this, and EVERY law enforcement officer there had an EARWIG in their ear in direct communication with their tactical superiors.

For those who have never been part of an operation such as this, meaning a tactical operation, or an assassination, there is not a "green light" unless being fired upon. What takes place instead is, as you watch the delay in the time which Mr. Finicum pulls up his jeans, and his hands remain outstretched at his sides, it is the time for an order to be in this sequence:

I've got the shot.

Hands down. Green light. Take the shot!

It is that space of time, that LaVoy Finicum drawing fire from the people in his pick up is flattened with the first double tap into his body.

These were semi auto pistol rounds in the 1000 pounds per square inch strike force, which Mr. Finicum  then absorbs, recovers from, and once again raises his arms to surrender, as the bullets are pouring in on him again, and he is trying to give up to save his life.

Once again, there is the time for those observing this live feed, and the pistolero police who can not murder an old man not moving on the ground as their shooting is so bad, that a supervisor at tactical seeing this nightmare, and knowing that LaVoy Finicum is supposed to have been dead long ago, barks out, "Who's got the shot?"

A sniper then replies, "I've got the shot".

And, the supervisor radios back, "Take shot", and that is when the between the eyes shot on LaVoy Finicum murders him.

I have suspicions in this, as there will be another stand alone Lame Cherry exclusive tomorrow unwinding all of this further, that one agency has not been named, which always glory whores in all of these operations as it never shuts it's mouth from Ruby Ridge to being a tool of the Obama campaign in 2008 and in the Huatree set up, in BATFE. I suspect that it was not FBI snipers who murdered LaVoy Finicum, nor Oregon State Police snipers, but this looks allot like those dog shooters of Ruby Ridge who blew the brains out of Vicki Weaver as she was holding her infant in her home.
I would look to ATF, in some associated Anti Terror Task Force which they manage, provided the sniper for this murder. They are too damned quiet about this with all those guns out there being cited, and quiet points to their agency was the one which provided the Kill Shot in this FBI Kill Zone constructed by Special Agent Gregory Bretzing.

Everything you are looking at is providing more evidence, which is revealing LaVoy Finicum was deliberately assassinated in this Yellow Cake Uranium mining deal with the Paiute Indians providing cover on BLM lands for one the Clinton Foundation donors. There has been nothing bigger than this, since these same forces mass assassinated the George Custer command in 1876 AD in the year of our Lord.

We need Congressional Investigations in all of this, because the FBI has been caught lying and deceiving the public, as much as terrorizing it in Oregon, and is now involved in a cover up, which has linked these criminal activities directly to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, and has so sullied the FBI and all law enforcement in this murderous operation which Special Agent Bretzing created, that only our politicians in Congress from the Democrats and Republicans are going to be able to uncover this massive cover up, which involved the Blind Corner Assassination of LaVoy Finicum.