Monday, January 4, 2016

The Checked Out Checked In American

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Rush Limbaugh asked where the civil disobedience was in America, the answer is in the American West where Ammon Bundy is leading the American Resistance to take back America, in the land and rights first, by armed occupation of lands already American.

Think of this that the seized land by the Interior Department is purchased with your tax dollars. Ammon Bundy and his group are simply residing on lands which they paid for, as much as you paid for those lands.
Those are not federal lands or buildings, those are your buildings.

For the Lame Cherry's part, I legally bestow upon Ammon Bundy, my share in that property for he and his group to live on it as long as they care to. They certainly are not costing me anything, unlike the high paid armed rangers chasing all of us off those lands while raising killer predators to kill our pets or deer to smash into our cars, killing us.

The reality is that Americans have been checked out unlike Obama Muslims and Latins. 63, 360 Americans are being checked in background checks daily. To put it plainly, no American should be on any watch list, because they have all been investigated by the regime via the BATFE in purchasing guns, which the Obama regime is now moving to infringe upon illegally.

Benjamin Franklin warned the Americans in the Continental Congress this sage advice.

Either we hang together or we will hang separately.

Now is the time to show your support for Ammon Bundy and his group in taking back America and not to allow the Drudge headlines of this will help Obama gun grabbing. image Obama is going to take your guns and criminalize you, whether you take a stand or hide under your bed.
These Americans in Oregon are peacefully armed. They have the same right as the Sioux occupying the Black Hills when the feds did nothing to the Indians. The Indians were poaching elk, but these Americans are feeding themselves.

Armed Group Vows to Stay at Oregon Refuge...

Feds monitor but keep distance...

FBI seeks peaceful end...


The Lame Cherry agrees in the call that the Hammonds must be set free. image Obama has no problem pardoning dope heads in mass in prison, and the Hammonds should not be in federal prison.

The Hammonds have already served their sentence and in double jeopardy are being thrown back into prison. They have the right to protect their property and have their Constitutional Rights. Therefore the Hammonds should be releases immediately from the federal gulag and not taken a thousand miles from their home.

All of the federal lands confiscated should be returned to the American public, in private property or in stewardship of the states, to  be managed in predator control, utilized for the benefit of all people and wildlife, and to restore the right of individual property to the people. This starts in Oregon and ends in returning millions of acres to Alaskans which Jimmy Carter seized, and image Obama desecrated in changing the name of Mt. McKinley for that assassinated President to an aboriginal title.

We must show support, whether it is keyboard support in backing the resistance for America in Oregon in the Ammon Bundy group, in calling for the absolute stand down by the FBI pointing weapons at these peaceful American ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY, or to protest to your Representatives so you can be marked a kook too in resisting this enslavement of America, this is the peaceful line. You do not have to go looking for something, as this is it, this is the Bunker Hill of Americans occupying peacefully their land, being armed, and having an armed police state pointing assault weapons at them.

Enough of you back this, and this stays peaceful. Enough of you back this, and those traitors in Congress start looking out for your Rights again. Enough of you back this to win, and President Donald Trump has a foundation to build on, in a movement where you get rid of Obamacare, the IRS and the invaders quickly.

Win it in Oregon, and you take America back. That is what Oregon means.