Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ted Cruz has an Eraser

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to the responses this week from Canadian disqualified presidential billionaire stooge hopeful, Ted Cruz, to both the Oregon Patriots, in telling them to stand down like at Benghazi to be butt raped in prison, and then the quote he made concerning the Obama gun grab.

The quote from Cruz is like something I would make up here in satire in being so moronic, and yet in that gasping nasal voice like a Hollywood horror Peter Lore', Ted Cruz wheezed this out.

"Live by the pen and you die by the pen, and, my pen has an eraser."

-Canadian Ted Cruz

Seriously, in having weeks to prepare for the Obama gun grab, and the best Harvard Ted Cruz can sweat out is a smelly rendition of Live by the sword, die by the sword...........the only problem is, how do you erase a knife would or a Muslim chopping your head off?

It all entails the mixing of maxims in The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, and only reveals how Cuban brainless this Canadian immigrant is.

This is just frustrating to me personally, as how can you mock someone  this stupid? We are told non stop how great Cruz is as a debater......problem is he got the questions in the debate beforehand and was allowed to make his mark, in order to peal off votes from Donald Trump. In reality, we see this British squatter, much like Birther Obama, is absolutely brainless when he leaves the scripted notes.

I just can not fathom how a guy who betrays the Tea Party in Green  Eggs and Ham, votes for Obamatrade, is handing out gifts to Mexican illegals, and tells American Patriots to Stand Down like in bought and paid for by Wall Street feudal thugs, is even listened to by anyone on the Right, especially when he insulted all the voters in telling them, "Yes when all your candidates are dead and wasting away, all of your morons are going to come running to me as your candidate".

I have hope that Aissa Wayne in Iowa is the silent majority in the daughter of John Wayne in speaking for Iowans, who will do the right thing for the first time in their voting lives and vote for Donald Trump, and the people of New Hampshire will not be suckered by "hold my hand Obama" Chris Christie, and lock this up for Donald  Trump early, as the GOP does not need Obama lovers that start with Jeb Bush acting like a Mexican juvenile delinquent or a Ted Cruz making the worst thing made up about  Sarah  Palin and George Bush, seem intelligent, with his "My pen has an eraser" PENCILS have erasers.

It is a point of how does one deal with someone this stupid, and how does one not offend whatever half brains led by Limbaugh in pointing these things out, but like children sticking their hands into electric sockets, perhaps just slapping their hands is the only remedy, as we are the ones going to be stuck burying the dead if Ted Cruz joins these other morons in John McCain and Mitt Romney, as strawmen the democrats knock down.