Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What did the FBI do in Oregon today?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a note to the FBI data mine sweepers from the NBC site featuring the Arizona Mormon Rancher saying he would rather die than end up in prison...........

Look, your spyware is obtrusive on older machines like I am forced to utilize being poor. I did not get a Carly Fiorina computer dump like you did, so my old system does not respond wll to your continuous use of using Java Script off of Adobe Flash Player.

Having that 18 trillion which your illegal Birther Obama looted from the US Treasury has made you arrogant and making mistakes. Putting up a Mockingbird story about FBI warrants for arrest and the Patriots in Oregon desiring to be shot is 1950's and everyone knows a planted story like this for what it is, a conditioning to murder Americans again like at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians.

It is just slopping using NBC, General Obama Electric, to implant data mining on their news propaganda which requires high speed new computers to function, and not realizing the people you are illegally collecting data on, have been wiped out by the Obama rapine of America.

I would think that Director Comey would be most displeased in such a bumbling operation which is so obvious. Your minders at the FBI want to use the FBI again to rough up Americans, so some more elections can be stolen in 2016 and link it all to Donald Trump in smearing him again.

It is just hard to believe that everyone in the FBI is that collecting a paycheck, that they want to see women's brains blown out again on their infant girls as that BATFE murderer at Ruby Ridge accomplished.

I was watching McClintock with John Wayne this past week on VHS as DVD is for rich people. In that movie which Mr. Wayne produced, Puma the prince of the Comanchee begged at the government hearing to be given guns, so Indian could fight, even in small numbers and be wiped out by the government, as the Comanchee were not going to be as men treated as women and children, in getting permission where they could come and go.

Perhaps murdering American Patriots in Oregon is the best thing. The Hammond's in order to save their existence have been terrorized to silence. The Oregon Cattleman's Association which has absolutely no part in this, came out against the Patriots as Ted Cruz did in telling them to stand down and Sean Hannity telling them to surrender.

Perhaps murdering those Americans is the best thing FBI. They do not belong here, no more than General George Custer or General George Patton belonged in America, as the regimes in power assassinated those Patriots too.

I would that I could get through to even a handful of agents at the FBI, as General Patton did to the shellshocked coward in slapping him, to somehow awaken shame into him, so he would stand up and be a man again, but I have no faith in such miracles, as being armed in the police state with a badge, means a nice salary, a nice retirement, and the power to push people around who used to be your employers, and to look the other way, when the minders in the FBI are plotting the mass murder of American Patriots in Oregon.

The FBI will get away with it, as they did in Waco, Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City. The terrorization of the Hutatree group witnessed no prosecutions of those FBI moles, no more than anyone in Justice was or will ever be prosecuted for Border Patrol Agents murdered when Eric Holder dumped weapons in Mexico for dope cartel mafia.

Oregon will not be a fair fight, and it will not be a memorable fight as the Comanchee wanted. It will be old men, women and the FBI minders firing off guns to make the slaughter convenient in the press, as they then hide in pre positioned locations to be collected by their protectors, who arrive with full body armour, armoured tanks, full auto weapons and explosives. Old men being burned down just like the little babies of Waco burned alive.

Odd in how all the thousands of government people involved in these operations, that not one of them ever came forward with a book, begging forgiveness, for the nightmares they have for burning children alive. There will be no books confessing to nightmares of murdering Patriots in Oregon. Just more "got those bastards" promotions and silence from those who pretend they had no part in it.

Maybe US Representative Greg Walden is enough of an imprint with Americans like Shawn who have been sharing things. Maybe he will save some FBI agents from nightmares, or at least an uncomfortable moment when their children ask them, "What did you do today?"

Sickly, what did you do today?

That would be rhetorical from me, but Jesus on the Judgment Throne is going to ask you about every day of your life and the lives you could have saved and those you took.

Old men today? Will it be Greg Walden a few days from now? Will it be your parents when the order comes down? Just what is the "too far" limit there FBI agent in what you will and will not pull the trigger on?


Greg Walden