Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Obama Crocodile Theater of Gun Grabbing


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I loathe and detest image Obama Crocodile Theater.

What can be more disgusting than image Obama whoring a bunch of Obama voters, who all now answer the question why their relatives were murdered by Obama voters with guns, as these people all look like Darwin Candidates, who are too stupid to run from criminals shooting people.

Photo ops are the Obama regime though, as you will recall Barack Obama FORCED the medical staff in Arizona to bring her out of coma on command, so her Astroboy husband could pat her hand all for a political stunt........and who appears in Obama Gun Grab 2016, and there is the gal who stopped rubber bullets with her brain, in another Obamachurian let loose on the American people like the San Bernadino Muslims.

Interesting in one of the stand ins for Obama slipped up, in used the word BOOOORIED, for buried. That is a word which the real Barack Obama never has used. Again, the fraud of  the Obama stand ins making dictatorial law.

For the record in gun violence, criminal violence in America has been CUT IN HALF, so again the Obama regime is a liar.

For the record, when image Obama says that 'no other country on earth" has this type of gun violence, I would suggest that the world examine that the Obama Muslims of Gaza, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq etc... all have more violence due to Obama.
And for the RECORD, Americans are triggered to gun violence because of Obama regime policies which disempower them and make them feel helpless with 95 million people out of work and their Muslim relatives being blown up by Obama.

Interesting image Obama says that it believes in the Second Amendment, but refers to the Constitution as THAT PIECE OF PAPER.

There is nothing more disgusting than a foreigner named Obama in image, illegally infringing upon American's Rights to Keep and Bear Arms. This is equal to the using of the living relatives of the dead which this Obama regime created.

This Obama is a dictator. It is not a plot to take away every person's guns. It is a plot to take American guns, and leaving the police state armed.

All of this Obama gun grabbing and whoring the dead......and yes who PAID FOR THAT MOB GATHERED TO OBAMA? Yes the taxpayers charged a fortune for more Obama vacation time for his voters............proves the importance of what Ammon Bundy and the Patriots of Oregon are accomplishing, because what image Obama just did is this:

If you have a gun your grandfather had, and was left to you, and you  give it to your grandchild, YOU WILL HAVE TO REPORT THAT TO THE BATFE AND IF YOU DO NOT, YOU WILL BE GUILTY OF ILLEGAL GUN TRAFFIC AND FACE A 10 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE.

That is the federal law. That is Obama background checks. You give a gun to your child or you sell a gun which is in your family to a neighbor, you will now have to have a BACKGROUND CHECK on your child or neighbor and are RESPONSIBLE for this, and you will be guilty.

This is as ludicrous as image Obama championing arming people with knives as most of the Chinese children carved upon survived. So all of the terrorists can now attack people with swords as most of......well are beheaded, but image Obama says the beheaded will survive, so I am sure it right.

Firearms are not weapons. This is not about background checks, because America already has background checks. What this is, as I stated is making you a criminal for giving your child a family heirloom, with a 10 year jail sentence and massive fine, for not reporting this to the Obama BATFE.

Yes image Obama complains about San Bernadino not denying terrorists the ability to gain ammunition, but neglects that the blood is on it's hands, as image Obama ALLOWED THE TERRORISTS IN, FUNDED THEM AND PROTECTED THEM.

I call upon the United States Congress to remove all Secret Service and Military protection of image Obama and Joe Biden, as it is only right, as the image has disarmed Americans, and finally the Lame Cherry demands of the Obama Regime...........


 The fact in this, is the Obama regime has murdered more Americans in sending them off to war, than any of these Obama created terrorists shooting Americans.

Obama's 'safe guns' would mean every firearm that does not have a computer on it, would be confiscated and destroyed.

You have to know the code of what Obama is nuancing this.

Yes let us all now close with the image Obama shedding Crocodile Tears.

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