Sunday, January 24, 2016

Track Palin

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I have been known to bust Sarah Palin's balls big time, and call out that Bristol for what she is, but I will not stand aside and watch this Glenn Beck fag assault on her, and her family continue, without putting things into context when it comes to her son Track Palin, who the left and the Becksters are mind raping to get at Donald Trump, now that Sarah Palin endorsed Mr. Trump.

Tina Fey formerly of Saturday Night Live, crawled out from under her 3rd rock to lead the attack on the Palin's again, and thought it was funny to make fun of combat fatigue, as other's discounted Sarah Palin stating her son is suffering from the stress of Obama wars and the VA doing nothing but doping these Veterans to death.

The Guardian UK has a good quote on the charges and what took place:

Track Palin, 26, who served a year in Iraq with the army, was arrested earlier this week in a domestic violence case in which his girlfriend told police she was afraid he would shoot himself with a rifle. He was charged with assault, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime and possessing a weapon while intoxicated in connection with the incident.

Now that Glenn Beck, the Obama minders, Tina Fey and the liberals have gotten one more gang rape in on Sarah Palin, I am going to walk this back so you understand what Track Palin is about.

In 2008, Track Palin was a PFC, meaning the kid amounted more than the other privates. Picture it this way, in your Mom is Governor of Alaska, so you already are in the spotlight, but not that much....and then she is VP for John McCain, and all of those Obama minders come out of the woodwork to make your life hell.

Oh it is all above the board mind you, but you know the jokes about everyone wanting to fuck your hot Mom, and the there was this gem published in US News, which stated that immediately after Sarah Palin became the GOP nominee, Track Palin was "graduated" from the semi safe position of driver of a Stryker vehicle, to being stuck in the open hatch of an APC or helicopter as the main target of snipers, machine gun spray or RPG's.
The article goes on to say that PFC Palin will be "graduated" again to dismounted Soldier, or in other words, if the Obama minders could not get this kid killed in the hatch, then they were going to get him outside where the terrorists could mow him down, as this was a combat security brigade.

All of these kids were burned out under George W. Bush, and were burned up deliberately in being made targets by Barack  Hussein Obama. You do remember the Obama orders in Soldiers could not raise their rifles unless shot at first right? That is what Track Palin and all these combat Soldiers were faced with.
How would you like to be a kid, standing in an open hatch at a landing zone which was hot, and every terrorist is firing at your for miles around?
Perhaps Tina Fey can see that from her pompous and sadistic comedy as dead Americans are just hilarious on Obama ISIS TV.

The 25th Infantry Division. 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team "Arctic Wolves" (under United States Army Alaska) had a hell of a clusterfuck job. Some Pentagon asstard got these Soviet Stryker vehicles into combat, as some great idea, but Soldiers soon found out that RPG's and bullets could go faster than Strykers and IED's blew them to hell, as the Soldiers were stopping the shrapnel and bullets. Stryker's rolled back big time as the only thing more dangerous than Strykers was being in one of Obama's firebases at the base of an al Qaeda held mountain.

Seriously, there are jobs in the military that you never are stupid enough to get. One is running an M-60 hosing things down, as they draw enemy fire like blow flies to carrion, and the other is being stuck in an open hatch of combat vehicles. Those Soldiers do not survive, and that is the point in all of this, as Track Palin was a kid who became a man exposed to terror, his Mom being politically raped over and over again, and now he is doing what young men do.......getting drunk to forget as the dreams always come every night, and you find yourself waking up in the darkness wondering if that is a  terrorist you just heard.

Millions of Veterans in combat consumed tons of cigarettes and gallons of booze after the wars to calm themselves down in what was considered profitable capitalism in a way of society dealing with what it inflicted on her sons. Now it is the VA pumping dope into these kids in the knowledge that most of them will commit suicide.

Suicide though is funny to Tina Fey and a great weapon for Glenn Beck to use to get at Donald Trump.

What bothers me most though is not this kid in what he did, as he did nothing. All Track Palin needs is a gun, some good shoes, a pard to run around Mt.  McKinnley with, and he will come out of it, but what bothers me, is these asstard state police making a big deal about this, when the reality is, back in the days when Americans were police and not minders for the Obama state,  Track Palin would have been disarmed, told to sleep it off, and the call would have been wiped, as cops and politicians understood that after going through combat, a person had enough to deal with, and they needed to be treated like an adult and not exploited.

What Track Palin does not need is female who calls  the police, instead of Todd Palin, to handle this situation, as all this skirt did is cause more trouble. I mean, how hard is it to hide all the ammunition when Track is out drinking, or get the old man to do it, and that way you don't have to "be afraid Track is going to shoot himself".

Track Palin needs a prayer and time to talk to Christ. He has had enough Suzy Rotten Crotch, as that poison is causing more problems. He just needs like Teddy Roosevelt to pit himself against nature as a personal goal  this summer and float some river or whatever with a camera and leave the world behind.
Probably be a good project for public television or just for home movies.

There is allot of points to needle Sarah Palin on, but using her kid who is acting out after having SERVED America is not one of them. That needs to be said, as apparently in this savage Obama regime, the bullying to death of people is what matters when installing another Obama dictator is the prize.