Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ALERT: Candidate Appears to Replace Cruz and Rubio

As another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

For the Cruz and Rubio voters, gnawing each other's arms off, and looking to eat Donald Trump's liver for desert, I have news for you, in you are about to be betrayed and  thrown to the cadaver pile, as the GOP establishment has just revealed their president.

Yes it was revealed at this former Ted Cruz pusher site in billionaire Mercer of Breitbart in they have chosen their man..........Mormon Mitt Romney.
Yes the man who could not keep Obama from stealing an election, is now the choice to sweep into the RNC brokered convention and take out Trump, Rubio and Cruz.......because we all have this need to have Mitt Romney as our leader.

Here is Mitt Romney at his Mormon backstabbing worst.

We’re now in late February and we still haven’t seen either Donald Trump’s, or Marco Rubio’s, or Ted Cruz’s taxes. And frankly the voters have a right to see those tax returns before they decide who our nominee ought to be.” Romney said that the scrutiny over his taxes when he ran back in 2012 is “a good reason for getting these things out before the voters make their choices to who our nominee will be.” He continued, “I put my taxes out in January of 2012, and that gave people a chance to digest it, and decide whether I was going to be the nominee or not. And if in fact Donald Trump’s taxes, or Marco Rubio’s, or Ted Cruz’s, have some real problems in there, let’s get them out there and see them.

Yes the problem is that Donald Trump is not as rich as he says, has to prove he is charitable, and that Ted and Marco are just as duplicitious, and only Mormon Romney's taxes are the only ones which are honest.......same Mormon Romney born in Mexico..........

Just alerting all of you Rubio and Cruz voters, as you are tearing every one to death in thinking you can get Trump.......all you are doing is being dupes, being played by Frankenromney and the cartel.

I hope you are paying attention.

..........and no I am not going to clean your puke off your keyboards in reading this new plot in revulsion. It is your own fault for thinking you knew more than the Lame Cherry.