Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill all the Republicans!!!!!!!!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was on John Hawkins fagalicious Right Wing News which had Mark Levin's smear from the Cuckservative Review bashing Donald Trump, and I am becoming amused in all of this new hysteria of "We must kill and eat every Republican, to nourish the cancer dying campaign of  Ted Cruz.

Yes who cares about Ben Carson or John Kasich voters, as long as Ted Cruz can  rip their hearts out and consume their bravery to continue on one more day. I just am so stunned in this, that this is what the Ted Cruz group is now in hysteria over, in the ship is sinking, but let's kill all the women and children first, so we do not sink faster.

There is now this insane thought, that two tan skinned Cubans, one a Canadian, are going to appeal to all of Americans, as long as Donald Trump is not in the race.
So you get this, most of the GOP does not like this dwindling 36% vote block, which comes in second and third place in every race, being defeated by Donald Trump, and NONE of the Democats are ever going to vote for Taco and Beans in the general. If you want Hillary Clinton as dictator, vote for Rubio Cruz.

But then Rubio can not win we are told, and we find out from the Cruz voters that Marco Rubio was sticking his cock into a little white girl in Florida named............Amber Stoner.


I do not know if Marco Rubio likes nailing shemales, but he does like dancing in fag boy chorus lines. For you Rubio supporters, your Marco liked gay sex. That is all going to come out, and you are going to see numbers of gay men telling us about Fago Rubio when Hillary Clinton gets running with this as Ted Cruz just unloaded with this sex scandal, and there are more Marco at play scandals out there.

Then there is Walt Williams for Crubio, in telling us all that we are gullible, for wanting our jobs back and to punish American corporations in Mexico gouging us. I probably would want to protect these traitor companies too if my University and my retirement rested on all of these stock portfolios and conglomerate grants, but for me and most of America, our lives ended sometime under George W. Bush, and we are through protecting the profits of the nation rapists.

So we learned today that Cruz people will kill Rubio people and that Rubio people will kill Cruz people, and that both Cruz people and Rubio people will kill Kasich people and Carson people in order to kill Trump people.

Let us revisit this, in Rubio and Cruz are Cuban Republicans, meaning they are domestic socialists, and foreign policy gunners. We can not afford from their policies which are Obama policies more spending on welfare and invaders and can not afford a war with Russia or ISIS.

Seriously, you Cruz and Rubio supporters, need to CHILL for a few hours, and look at what you are following and what you have become. You are now part of a group of insane establishment lunatics who are advocating destroying Republicans, for a victory which can never be, so it will destroy everything Conservative.

Just consider Common Sense Conservative ideas for a few moments at least, as what is taking place now is derangement, and I know in  the passing of time, each of you is going to be astonished and ashamed you were led into this insanity as this not what you are...........think back to 2009 when you came to the Tea Party. Donald Trump was a hero for challenging Obama on that birth abstract. Sarah Palin was your hero at the Tea Party. You were united and not killing off each other.

This is not what you signed up for, and it is not what any of you are. You have been manipulated, set off balance and are being prodded into committing political suicide by the billionaires who own Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

You are my children and my brats, it is time to stop, unplug and get back to what you were in 2009, and then calmly make a political decision, hopefully after some prayer time and Bible study, and emerge not as a zealot hearing the voice of God, but what kind of political voice you want in Washington to save you for the next 8 years........which is going to win.