Saturday, February 13, 2016


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TL discovered this alert, and we are sharing it here. It dovetails into Microsoft backing Marco Rubio and Rubio only "winning" 5 precincts in Iowa and doing so well.
When coupled with the Ted Cruz strong arming of the Ben Carson voters in physical vote manipulation, it reveals a pattern of criminality of these billionaire elites and their proxies to negate your vote.

The following comes from Tennessee early voting and mirrors Nevada in Sharon Engle votes by miracle became Harry Reid votes. This has been covered here in how Obama flipped 10 million votes twice to steal elections from John McCain and Mitt Romney in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord and 2012 AD in the year of our Lord.

The democrats are having the same problems in Hillary stole the election in Iowa, and then Bernie Sanders won in New Hampshire, and the Super Delegates were stolen from Mr. Sanders and all went to Hillary Clinton, so Sanders actually had fewer delegates than Clinton in New Hampshire.

Jeb Bush now has now entered the scheme, and has been blurting out that Donald Trump would not win the nomination. Tennessee early voting has now revealed that people voting for Donald Trump, spits out ballots voting for Jeb Bush.

There is now evidence of this widespread vote fraud.

It is why this blog from the start of this has made it a point that Donald Trump is going to need 40 million loaded guns backing him, so that this election fraud ceases. This is going to have to come from Mr. Trump and none of you going off on your own. He will have to mention this ultimatum in his own way, and then your 40 million loaded guns are going to have to be ready to march if Mr. Trump commands.

Until then, EVERY ONE OF YOU, check your ballot to make certain it is marked as you marked it, because Jeb Bush has voting software now that is marking ballots for him, when marked for Donald Trump, and it is the same software which Harry Reid used in Nevada.

In Tennessee, Bush scores another game day in his SEC tour

... Jeb Bush is getting a jump on the so-called SEC primary by visiting the University of Tennessee and other campuses in Southern states that vote ...

TN POLLING ALERT!!! Please READ and SHARE this important post about voting!!!

My name is Jeff Hester and I am an administrator on FB page Tennessee for Trump.

I early voted today (for TRUMP!) and experienced an ALARMING glitch on the polling machine. After completing all sections, the machine gave me an option to review my ballot.

THE MACHINE HAD AUTO SELECTED Jeb Bush as my candidate for nominee - NOT TRUMP as I had clearly marked.

I was able to go back and FIX MY VOTE to show TRUMP as the presidential candidate of my choice before casting my ballot, but WHAT IF I HAD NOT VERIFIED before hitting the cast ballot button???

If you are voting early - PLEASE DOUBLE and TRIPLE check your ballot before hitting the Cast Ballot button. If you are waiting until March 1st to vote, please be aware that voting turnout will be high and there may be an even greater chance of voting machine glitches.

MAKE SURE your vote goes to support Donald J. Trump!

Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud - Scoop

... in the VNS survey of the Jeb Bush race for governor, ... "We have a sordid history of election fraud in this county," Circuit Judge John Doyle wrote in a 1997 ...