Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bush fam

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Life is a bizarre thing, of the Bush family telling us one thing, doing another, and the Bush family being strange bedfellows with quite the matrimony one season, and the next call that politician or person a dirty whore.

Take for example now in South Carolina. The three candidates of John Kasich, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were Bush family creations. Kasich was in Congress doing budget deals, and he was perfectly fine as an Ohio hatchet man after Donald Trump for Jeb Bush, but once John Kasich placed second in New Hampshire, he became the worst person in the world to the Bush fam.

Now Bush fam has a history of this, as Jeb was the one who picked a gay dancing chorus boy, named Marco Rubio from the internet sex trade, and made him the Latin Pied Piper of Florida to lure in Hispanic votes. Rubio was just fine shuffling along behind Jeb with his pool pole, but the minute Marco Rubio became a political strength, Jeb Bush tried to destroy the Cabana Boy, and not being man enough, he had to have Chris Christie TKO Marco in New Hampshire.

Bush fam also is responsible for plucking Ted and Mrs.  Cruz out from the Ivy league gutters, and clean them up. Heidi worked for the destruction of America with the Rockefellers and that was just fine with George W. It did not matter that Ted Cruz was a Canadian as W brought Rafael Cruz into the White House, and vouched for him. You know Big Koch has been doing nothing but vouching for Cruz and Rubio too by Levin, Hannity and Limbaugh, but the more you see now that Ted Cruz is being spoken of by his wife and dad in being some new Obama messiah, and Marco Rubio is bi sexual, one wonders just what it is that is being vouched for to Americans in this Nimrod's world vacationing in Sodom and Gomorrah. (Reference for the ignorant. Nimrod was the first fraud messiah king.)

So that is the reality of Bush fam. When they think they have the Taco on the leash to serve them, then the Latin entre is the banquet for all of us to blaspheme ourselves with, but when it is the preferred meal, then these evils are thrown to the dogs as being the worst things in Bushworld.

What all of us can ask in this is simple, in we have President Bush, Barbara Bush, George H. W.  Bush and little brother Jeb Bush, all having created and vouched for Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who if your daughters brought them home you would conclude someone calling themselves messianic and someone who danced as a gay prostitute, something that really would have you breaking out the shotgun and running them off.
Now factor into this, if the reason your daughter brought home Marco or Ted, was because your good neighbor told you they were nice boys.........what kind of judgment would you have of Bush fam then having endangered your family?

That is the reality of Bush fam in what has to be asked in was the world better off with them or without them in their judgments on it?

George H. W. Bush inherited the Reagan Expansion, and taxed it to death. HW inherited Reagan Peace in Europe, and blew up Panama and Iraq, and then mismanaged the relationship with Russia.

George W. inherited the Reagan mantel, and instead of cutting spending, went out like a crack whore spending money like Obama. He over extended into Iraq instead of securing Afghanistan, and Iran we all can see was the problem and not bug head Saddam who released West Nile into America.
John Roberts being Obama's stooge on the Supreme Court is the W legacy and unleashed Ted and Heidi Cruz on America.

Then there was Babs Bush. Trash talking Sarah Palin in telling her to "go home and be with her kind".

And last for this era is Jeb Bush, the guy who in 2008 said we all had to be more like Obama, that Reagan was dead, Common Core is great for brainwashing kids, starting a nuclear war with Putin is grande, and the best of all that Jeb Bush told the Tea Party, Veterans, Evangelicals, Gun Owners, Workers, the base of the Republican Party to shut up and go away as he could get elected without all of us.
Let us not forget that Jeb Bush told us that the reason we were poor, is because we are lazy and we need to work 80 hours a week.

So the question in South Carolina and Nevada is simply this, on one hand you have the judgments of the Bush fam in the criminal misjudgments of political delingquency and neglect, now trying to assassinate Donald Trump with feudal billionaires, and on the other hand you have Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ted Cruz, the very Bush fam picks in having vouched for what great people they are..............and then to the last one turned on the Bush fam which fed them proving what untrustworthy traitors they are.

Bush fam reminds me a great deal of the Kremlin and Peking back in the comrade days, in both sides telling the world, what jerks the other was, and they had enough equality in being jerks to go around, and nothing anyone with a brain wanted.

That is what people need to understand in all of this. The Bush family, created Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in their absolute misjudgment, and Cruz and Rubio in their misjudgment and ladder climbing chose the Bush family as their misjudgment to what to become allied with.

I know if people would stop transfering their emotions and dreams upon Cruz and Rubio, that they would  figure this out, that they were conned by two of the Bush fam's  con men. All of us have as the Bush fam is devious. Hell they scammed Ronald Reagan. In that all of us, have to look at this like in 1980 with Ronald Reagan. We have to leave behind our President Jerry Ford and his people for the 21st century Reagan in Donald Trump. The GOP establishment hated Reagan as they now hate Donald Trump. That is Mr. Trump's bona fides in being the real deal who is not the establishment.

The election is now about Bush fam, and the traitors they picked on one side, and Donald Trump on the Amerian side. I would not trust Jeb Bush nor Bush fam's picks of Cruz, Kasich and Rubio........hell Bush fam made Chris Christie kill himself in taking out Rubio, and now he is just a fat old man with donuts, unless Mr. Trump appoints him as Attorney General.

That is the story of Bush fam and their hired help in Cruz and Rubio. I refuse to be conned and want no part of these frauds. If you children and brats continue to delude yourselves, the next era you enter will be your death, as World War III is coming in the Great Eurasian War and now you have 100 million foreigners in America which Bush fam, Cruz, Kasich and Rubio want to keep around to rape and murder you.

I am sorry to break this news to you in your fantasies, but you have no more chances in this. You make a  head up your ass mistake this time, and you die, your children die and it will be Mexicans digging you up and pulling your teeth out for scrap.

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