Saturday, February 13, 2016

Anton Scalia Dead

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I did a quick inquiry as being poor I do have to scrape for my daily ration of misery as the cows moo at me in wanting to be fed.

Here is what Anton Scalia points to. Dead from a heart attack, no assassination.

What I desire for all of you to watch in this is, not the cheering of the left in their sadistic sub human expressions again as they did concerning LaVoy Finicum, but a reality that is Mitch McConnell going to not allow a confirmation vote until after the Republicans take office in 2017?

That is what to watch in this. If McConnell and Thune blow throw another f*cking lesbian like those two stooges on the court, then you will have your proof of what frauds they all are, as this will set the court liberal, instead of Conservative.
The same is the issue with John Roberts, if Mr. Fag, pushes through with votes in a court which is now 5 to 3 liberal, it is further proof that these frauds are all cartel joined at the hip.

You know exactly what we are going to get in this, is some raving liberal with Orin Hatch signing off on it all. We need Donald Trump, and we need the threat against the GOP that they will be impeached come January 2017 if they vote for a nominee to fill Scalia's position, and that includes John Roberts standing down or he will be more than impeached in 2017 for high crimes in criminal tribunals.

Sara Elizabeth Lioi is who we should demand or accept no one at all.

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