Sunday, February 21, 2016 in Financial Meltdown

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It was predicted here that the downfall of would begin with raising shipping rates. I was on the site this evening looking for a computer battery and noticed that free shipping moved from 35 dollars to 49 dollars.

Price: $14.72 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49. Details

Searching more, I found that coupons have replaced free shipping for first time orders.

Price: $20.23 ($0.25 / Count) $21.30 Save $1.07 (5%)
Clip $2.00 Off Coupon
on first delivery. Details
In Stock. Ships from and sold by

Measuring cups were the same 49 dollars only for free shipping.

List Price: $70.00
Price: $49.00
Sale: $26.97 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49.

This means what I stated to watch for in interest rates rising by the Federal Reserve. Amazon pissed a fortune away on free money for space rockets, and at one quarter point raise, Amazon has had to blast consumers with a massive shipping charge in upping the rate from 35 to 50 dollars.
It means that Amazon is being bitten hard in capital loss. It means that Amazon is going to have less people purchasing items as the free shipping has disappeared.

I warned all of you that this cartel process of overthrowing America drove American farmers off their lands in this same interest rate scam. It was used in South America to destroy those nations. It was used in North Dakota to seize those oil assets for Isalm Opec, and now the cartel minders who came with those massive Jeff Bezos loans in Obama bucks are beginning the process I warned of taking over these major conglomerates to fascist control.
Watch this because that Apple - Justice Department dust up is not just about San Bernardino Muslim shooters, but is about the same control of Apple and every other company which was taking Obama money, doubling up on their stock purchases SO THEY OWN THEIR COMPANIES WITH BORROWED MONEY, to inflate their stock prices.

You are witnessing here the first real sign of a massive global implosion outstripping 2008. Amazon and all of these e tard liberal corporations might be bought up for pennies on the millions of dollars in the not too distant cycle.

Go down to Sodom and the fire and brimstone follow.

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