Monday, February 22, 2016

Bunny Squash

Description Cottontail Rabbit in West Hartford, Connecticut 5.jpg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I started this in a pretty good mood, but now am pissed off, as I tried to rectify a soap opera situation so someone could watch it, and in doing a good deed, away went all of my work, so I get to start over again, exhausted and no good deed going unpunished.

This is about exhaustion, and the reality that God makes good things come of it. I never had the time, space or energy to take care of all of the squash and pumpkins God blessed us with this year, so they were in the shed and on the lawn.

Snow came and the bunnies grew hungry, and that is when the good came out in this, in we have a wee bunny next to the house who started eating on a Red Kuri like a beaver. Does a really good impression of gnawing on it.

The Holy Ghost pointed out a brush pile I had created in cutting down trees had bunnies in it too, so another Red Kuri was put out by the brush pile.
That squash too is being gnawed on, and I am so very pleased.

Over the years I have tried corn, oats, and alfalfa for the bunnies, but nothing was that attractive. This squash thing is of interest though as it seems to be exactly what was needed.
There was a Winter Luxury pumpkin in the shed, and it was gnawed on, but not with relish. So these Red Kuri seem to be the thing for bunnies, as I have had a pile of buttercups sitting around all winter and they were not touched.

Tis the plan now, to grow I suspect a dozen extra Red Kuri to have to set out for the bunnies to chew on. That would seem to be the solution to feeding he bunnies, as this little one has eaten about half a squash in a month.
If the predators leave my bunnies alive, then I tend to get piles of them to delight me. This draws in the horned owls though, but for some odd reason I think the cats crawl up a tree, club them over the head and then eat least that is the best explanation I can come up with.

That though is God doing good from bad. I am waiting for the good in this computer shutting down in what goodness will come from that, exhausting me more in having to do work again

So if you live in a snow location, maybe a few red kuri plants and those squash would be good feed for the bunnies. Might save your apple trees from being barked.....and I do love to see them sitting around like lawn ornaments, it pleases me and is good therapy for the things in life which are not so pleasant.