Sunday, February 21, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Glenn Beck has announced now as official Priest of the Ted Cruz Campaign, the following directives.

From this point on, all will kneel in the presence of Ted Cruz.

All will hold their breath in the presence of Ted Cruz in not daring to breathe his air.

Women will refer to Ted Cruz as Master Cruz and men will refer to him as Lord Cruz.

All children will henceforth have the sir name Rafael Ted Cruz.

The District of Columbia will now be called District of Cruz.

Construction will begin for Ted Cruz's bust added to Mount Rushmore.

All Christians who have not voted for Ted Cruz will be burned at the stake.

Hail Cruz will begin each conversation and end each conversation.
The writings of Ted Cruz will be required reading for all subjects.

Flowers will be cast before Ted Cruz as he enters buildings.

From this moment on, it will be Cruzians, Cruzmas, Cruzmas trees and Cruzmas cookies.

All other candidates will be cruzified on the morrow.

There will be additional additions to these Priest Beck issuances and will be mandatory under the penalty or citizen revocation and immediate exile.