Sunday, February 21, 2016

Americans with Disabilities should Act

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I am sort of amused at this moment as satanic forces with most of the goats dead here, have decided that cracking another tooth might be the thing to throw me off the game, but it will not. I state that not for sympathy, but for the reality of all of us have problems.

I am going to address KB by her initials as she wrote a nice letter this morning asking what to do about her situation and if I would inquire for her. I will post the part she asked about so we all can understand what I will be addressing.

I do have one question to ask of you. I was recently fired. I have
documented back issues and cannot lift more than 25 lbs, can't sit for
more than a hour, can't stand or walk for more than an hour, have to
have physical therapy daily. No place on earth is going to hire me with
all the restrictions. Can you inquire as to whether a lawsuit would be
successful? I have many years until retirement. I have prayed on this
long and hard, and I hear nothing. I see no visuals. I dream of nothing
related to this loss of income.  If inquiring will drain too much from
you, I understand you not being able to do it. 

What I would answer is my experiences in this.

My brother new a rancher who filed a lawsuit over injuries and he did win. The problem is something called an attorney who gets a cut forever out of your monthly settlement.
My brother also was injured on the job, and in the end it was settled in the company paying for retraining in computer work which was not the right training so it was worthless.

When my dad was diagnosed partially disabled due to a heart condition, as he had not paid that much into Social Security he received 200 dollars a month. A gal I knew in Ohio had MG, which is something like MS, and she got 17 dollars a month.
When I asked about disability, I was told to spend the few thousand I had in savings and then they would see what I could get as I was "too rich". I presumed I would get 8 dollars a month, so I hung on and God revealed to me when helping TL with a project something I could try for this intestinal condition and it kept me from dying.

I watch numbers of obnoxious people with disability plates on their cars, which are new, they usually smell of cigarettes and have yapping dogs with nice clothes......and I realize they are not living on 17 dollars a month. But I would believe they have paid into the Social Security system as KB has and therefore are receiving what would be considered a Social Security retirement sum.

Here is what I would do and just see how it goes.

KB is documented with obvious nerve damage. I would then jump through the hoops in talking to Social Security and the Department of Labor in the state she resides to ascertain what documentation and doctor would be required to sign off on a partial or full disability.
The Department of Labor might be able to re train for free........important part is do not spend money on things like education or lawyers, as if it is not free, it is not worth adding to the problem. If it requires a doctor visit, that is a cost which has to be weighed in, but crying to a doctor tends to move them to partial or full disability.
Most of the people I see on disability look like they could serve in the military, so they apparently exaggerate a great deal. No one should be lying about things, but by the same reality, you do not have to talk up how you could carry a 90 pound Alice Pack in fighting an invasion if your life depended on it either.

So in synopsis, I would talk to Social Security and the Department of Labor, telling them your employment was terminated, that you are receiving daily therapy for your medical condition, you can't find a job as no one will hire you, and you can not work due to your condition.  Then you move through the hoops in playing the game exactly as they have laid out the rules for you to win or be awarded disability.

When I investigated that Obamacare waiver,  I had to see which category I fit in best, and the one which fit was taking care of Mom. I had to go to the library, print out the paperwork, fill it out, with billing documentation and send it in. I will have to do the same thing this year.

TL has not been working since we came here. I prefer that as this blog eats up most of the day and TL is assisting in this venture too in the comment post battles. TL at TL's other work had lung capacity being affected, so TL wheezed and was on an inhaler. I had thought about trying disability too, but after a year here in fresh air, the lungs have regenerated thank God, as has TL's body (A lot athletic abuse as TL was a college athletic scholarship star in soccer who came close to winning a national title, but soccer eats tendons and ligaments, so that is regenerating too.). We get by and my greater wage is being with TL as we were too long apart.

The thing is, is what I told all of you. You have to work the system to your benefit.

I would add one thing. If they suggest surgery to fix things, it probably is not a good idea to get more medical bills or get a worse back ache.  Just go into the system you paid into, and see what it will pay back out to you without spending money or ever going into debt.

I hope this helps......and KB if God has you find a hundred dollars keep it for you. If God has you find a million, pay your taxes to the IRS, take care of yourself and then listen to what God says in the good you can do with that.

It will help to pray every day, "I am renewed every day in the Word of the Lord". I was too busy and neglected doing that the past year.

........and if you have other problems beside nerve damage, by all means make sure that is listed too on the form.

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