Sunday, February 21, 2016

San Bernardino Cover Up

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Did I not inform you children that inquiry pointed to handlers in the San Bernardino Slayers, of moles observing the Muslim terrorists in both state and federal, and how this was partially intended to tie a can to the Obama tail?

I found this interesting quote from Charles R. Smith, who is one of the bright bulbs on the block that is now involved in computer software. It is telling in what he points out, and I will elaborated on:

My second problem is the inept and incompetent FBI. The Iphone at the center of all the legal trouble is owned by San Bernardino County. They were told by the FBI to reset the password, thus denying access to the phone itself. This move ranks as one of the dumbest law enforcement actions in recent history, placing the FBI in the same class as the Keystone Kops. In a single stroke, they managed to fry the San Bernardino investigation like a 5 year old with a blow-torch running through a room full of gasoline.

The point in the above is that it is only Keystone Kops when it is incompetence. It is only stupid when Obama did not know what he was doing. It is a cover up when the FBI knows what it is doing and it is brilliance when the Obama regime fries software to cover up what is on it.

There is not any way that the IT's at FBI did not know that resetting an Apple password would lock the system. That means that someone at FBI deliberately wanted this cell phone locked, so the obvious of what was reported here from the start would not be the names, phone numbers and messages of federal and state undercover operatives would not be exposed to the that starts getting the public interested in, if California and a certain intelligence sector were watching the San Bernardino shooters and did nothing to stop them, then that gets people in power fired.

For some reason citizens do not like having their towns shot up.

I told you the Sand Berns were set up, flushed and gunned down to be silenced. That phone has on it the evidence linking the federal and state agents directly to the terrorists, so nothing of this was a surprise.

What will take place now is what was intended. Apple will be forced to do whatever it will do, and only select information will survive. All connections with handlers and moles will disappear, and it will all be labeled classified, so the public will never see the links.

The FBI is under orders to make this go away and to blame Apple for the delay, so all of this goes away.