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Loretta Lynch now Blackmailing FBI Director James Comey

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This is a rather private conversation with myself as all of the posts are here, but if the FBI is data mining this post as it is prone to do under the Patriot Act in sweeping up all things written by those placed on regime lists for being like George Washington and Ronald Reagan in loving America, then this is more of a public letter to the FBI, even though it was never intended anything as all things here are my private thoughts.

I observe things and by God's Grace am quite adept at observation. I observe things like pundits and reporters telling the public that Director James Comey and the entire team of FBI investigators of Hillary Clinton crimes are going to resign if Hillary Clinton is not indicted by the Obama regime's Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
The FBI is portrayed as some doomsday weapon which no one can touch in being all powerful. There is a bit of a problem in this though as we now see that Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch has at the precise moment of the Clinton indictment, decided to open an investigation into the crimes of the FBI over the illegal bribes of Bo Bergdahl, the American traitor, traded for by the Obama regime in exchange for terrorists.

Notice in this, it is not image Obama being investigated, nor anyone in the regime, for trading terrorists for traitors, but is instead the FBI, singled out now in being the criminal in a cast of criminals.

That is the point I would really like for Director James Comey and the analysts reading this to ponder for a few hours, because exactly like the Bundy Protesters in Oregon, James Comey is now under the same Justice Department criminality probes as are all  but the politically appointed minders in the FBI.

Let me be frank in this, so everyone understands this, in the cartel has sent a directive to the Obama regime to save Hillary Clinton as their candidate. They told the Attorney General to use the frame of ransom payments to criminalize the FBI, so the joke is that Director Comey can resign in threats, but we are going to make Director Comey resign in absolute disgrace for daring to come after Hillary Clinton.

That is what is behind all of this not so cloak and dagger. It is Justice blackmailing the FBI for things the Obama regime cleared the FBI to do against US policy. It does not matter right or wrong, because like the Bundy's in Oregon, it is the cartel political minders saying who is criminal and who is able to murder people in public site and get bonuses for it.

The reality is if Director Comey does not stand down, that he will be dragged before the public in his underware at 3 AM with weeks of stories of criminal he is, and the new FBI spokesperson will be confessing all of Comey's 'crimes' and humiliating the FBI, so all of those brash agents are cowering behind their desks.

In my private thoughts, I would really like Director James Comey and the good people at the FBI to consider a few things about reality. For years now those "federal agents", you know the grass police at BLM and the tobacco police at ATF have been bullying people, stealing property, terrorizing the public and murdering people, and dragging it all back to the FBI who has given them cover, like Hutatree and Oregon.

The FBI follows "orders" and it is all legal, but then comes along Special Agent Gregory Bretzing who has an agenda of orders in driving the Hammonds off their land, so Hillary Clinton's donors can steal the mineral rights there, and getting Oregon State Police to take the fall for a murderous ambush of the Bundy Patriots, because the Patriots were about to find refuge in another county, and the conglomerates must have this ended and the Americans exterminated.
But instead of accepting the murder as enough, the FBI in Oregon, with Loretta Lynch's Justice Department, double down and start throwing everyone named Bundy or shook Cliven Bundy's hand into prison. That sort of operation is meant to break public resistance, but all it does is break public trust in the FBI.

So now we have the two finest groups in America in the FBI and US Marshalls both viewed by the public as thugs and terrorists. This is important to Director Comey and these agencies, because while all of Justice is running around smearing these Americans in the Bundy Patriots as threats to society, the public is looking at all of this in seeing the threat is the FBI being made the public scapegoat for rounding people up.
It is also important to the FBI, because all of those armed loyal Americans who would have done anything for FBI Agents in protecting them, from calling Congressmen to using their own firearms to defend FBI Agents, are now looking at what Loretta Lynch has unleashed in this blackmail with a shrug.
It is a reality of why should Americans defend the FBI when the FBI has done nothing but oversee political assassinations and make political prisoners out of Americans.

That is what Director James Comey and all the good FBI and US Marshalls have to come to terms with, is that they are being set up, just like the Bundy Patriots are being set up, and if they do not accept Hillary Clinton's crimes, Director Comey and FBI agents will be criminalized.  If the cartel desires to make this a violent example to intimidate the entire FBI, then just like the Bundy Group were set up in psychological warfare to be assassinated, will have Director Comey's personal space violated, someone or something he would react to defend will be harmed, and then we all will have the same pictures of Comey hanging in the morgue that we got to see with Lee Harvey Oswald or whoever else is destined to be Farhenheit 451's stooge to be cut down in the back alley for all the world to see, before they go back to reality TV.

I know there are some good FBI agents left, but they are almost gone now for the political appointees who have nothing in common with Americans, so view Americans all as a threat. What is left though for the majority in FBI and law enforcement is a reality in which the Obama Justice Department is now criminalizing them to protect political criminals.
The FBI under attack and being blackmailed by the Obama regime, should resonate with them, because all of those agents know of the cover ups they have seen, they know of the people who have been railroaded, they know who was murdered, they know of the crimes they have looked the other way on to protect their careers, and now they know the same set up is being employed against Direct James Comey, but they have not realized that when BLM is bitch slapping people and ATF is terrorizing citizens, that the Americans are no longer there to defend law enforcement, because Americans have been terrorized by this entire police state and have no interest in protecting their tormentors.

That is the mistake the FBI has made. The FBI thought they were above the law of common sense and were just enforcing the laws of the land, but the FBI is nothing to the cartel except a thug group meant to eliminate competitors, protect criminals and intimidate Americans, and once Director James Comey and the FBI decided to not just murder LaVoy Finicum on Special Agent Gregory Bretzing's orders to protect the Hillary donors, but to actually investigate and enforce the law on Hillary Clinton............Director James Comey and the FBI became exactly like the Bundy Patriots in a problem to be dealt with ruthlessly, and to be replaced. If the FBI is not going to protect the cartel criminals like Hillary Clinton and image Obama, then the FBI will be criminalized and replaced with the BATFE or some other sub operational group which will just murder Americans and protect the elite.

It is a difficult thing in all of the law enforcement officers, who join this fraternity as recruits picked out, because they need validation of something good in this world, and then are trained to kill on sight and to view Americans as threats, as they stand in their little groups with black t shirts, sun glasses and arms crossed, expressing in forensic psychology that they indeed are hiding a darkness now in them of "them against us" in conditioning, and are very afraid of what is inside of them, as their crossed arms indicate. It is a difficult thing to be told that you are part of this vast law enforcement fraternity which empowers you, as you have the guns, only to find out one day that Director James Comey and the FBI is under investigation by Justice for looking into Hillary Clinton crimes.................and not Special Agent Gregory Bretzing who gets bonuses and advancement for setting up the political assassination and imprisonment of the Bundy Patriots.

Yes you FBI agents and all of you state police officers have to be very careful now, as you look at your superiors like Special Agent Gregory Bretzing in probably should not say things in free speech, like Loretta Lynch is lynching James Comey to blackmail him and the FBI, as that kind of thought ends up with red marks by your name, with comments like "sympathizer".

The Lame Cherry would offer some advice to the FBI and all law enforcement if this was not my private conversation in my private thoughts, and that would be for the FBI to realize that when you are the tool of the cartel, you have a purpose, but when you are that tool antagonizing Americans in  all of your power........there always comes a time when you discover you are not so powerful, and the same system begins to criminalize you, and then all of those armed Americans who you bullied, are the very group you will need to save you from your masters.

Why do you think J. Edgar Hoover spent a fortune in Hollywood, television and novels building an affinity with the American public? It is because the Director knew he would need those Americans one day............the cartel knew this too, and it is why the cartel has been having the thugs at various grass police beat up Americans for decades to destroy that bond.

It is the reality of the FBI.

I as every American want our FBI back, to protect the FBI and to nurture the FBI, in working with this most esteemed group of Law Enforcement to protect Americans.

-Lame Cherry

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