Thursday, February 18, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I can tell you that the Drudge headlines are designed to crack the Hillary hold in order to cause BERNVOLUTION in the Democratic Party, which is exactly what insiders like Webster Griffin Tarpley have been advocating in ruling America from a two party liberal dictatorship, but there is something more going on with Hillary Clinton and it all is based in Hillary Clinton is an old woman who has abused her body with a hard life.

Hillary Clinton's latest episodes do not have so much to do with after effects of her brain concussion, but more of exposing an elderly mind, to too much information, too little sleep, too much disorientation and expecting too much from her. 

Ronald Reagan in his second campaign for President suffered a great deal from the same effects and was sluggish, but recovered.........until after his Presidency when he was bopped on the head by a horse and then senility set in. Hillary Clinton already had the bop on her head, and is being overtaxed in her abilities, due to age, and she is simply falling apart.

Her coughing spats are allergies. You get allergies when your body is under stress as her old body can not fight off environmental molds and pollens.

Her "barking like a dog" which went on for far too long, is again a manifestation of her elderly brain, being overtaxed, and she just is beginning to act goofy, like Crazy Claira the relatives kept in the back yard.

Her coke bottle glasses, are another sign of too much contact lens contact with her old eyes. You get too tired and your vision blurs and you see double too.

The difference is in even older Bernie Sanders is that he is a slow mind to begin with. He is ornery and never pushed himself ever in his life, so he aged better. He also knows his limits, so you get the same type of Bernie the tortoise all the time. Hillary Clinton is constantly draining herself, as she does not know how to project her voice like Rush Limbaugh and Bernie Sanders, so she is always screeching in a yell. Those types of speeches hours a day just wears people out.........unless you are Donald Trump, but if you are Jeb Bush, you are low energy and fade.

If Bill Clinton were healthy, this would not be such a bad ordeal as he once again could be co President and save Hillary from being old. The problem is Mr. Clinton looks like death being warmed over. His hands shake like palsy so severe he went to the doctor to see if he had Parkinsons. You simply can not snort that much coke up your brain without it causing problems later...and Hillary Clinton had her fill too.

So that is the reality, in Hillary Clinton is falling apart before the White House. Do people really want another Val-erie Jarrett hijacking everything in Huma Wiener running the White House, as a fractured junta at State and Defense war at each other, like is taking place in the disaster of the Obama regime?
The answer to that is NO.

That is the reality of Hillary Clinton. The hard campaign has not yet begun and her old body is falling apart as bad as her mind. It has to be said. Hillary Clinton needs to be put out to pasture as horses as old as her were made into glue.

PS: If anyone uses the BERNVOLUTION, they will owe me for that name, as it is a Lame Cherry creation, and that means CREDIT or financial compensation.

Nuff Said.