Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bernie Sanders Coddled

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Odd world as Bernie Sanders.......

Sanders was arrested Aug. 12, 1963, and charged with resisting arrest. He was found guilty and fined $25, according to a Tribune story about the protests.

and in 2016 in Oregon, LaVoy Finicum gets murdered and everyone named Bundy or shook his hands with someone named Bundy is being put into prison to die.
Bernie gets 25 dollars for doing the same thing, Finicum gets bullets and everyone else ends up in prison multiple felony counts.

I would actually think about voting for Bernie Sanders if he would go to Oregon and protest for those Americans being lynched and terrorized by the Obama police state, but no one is asking why Bernie will not help those Americans.
They just brag about Bernie's civil rights record fifty years ago.........what has he done for Americans in this 21st Obama century?

Lavoy Finicum Shot Dead In Oregon Standoff, Cliven Bundy Says ...

Lavoy Finicum was shot dead during the standoff in Burns, Oregon. Ammon Bundy, who was also among the leadership of the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

Except of course the Lame Cherry.