Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When You Change What You Are


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a satanic fact that people always find an excuse not to do good.

The rich use the excuse of they have charities they donate to or volunteer for.........as time is money and why would a charity need money when they have the splendid presence of a rich person gracing them with all of their beauty and knowledge.

The Muslim prays 5 times a day so they do not have to love a Christian.

The Jew wails at their wall so that is their good deed.

The Christian has a preacher smiling at them, so is not that goodness on display.

The liberal has regime programs, spending other peoples money, so they are the epitome of caring.

The Conservative promises words and jobs, both of which are as vacuous as the air they breathe.

The poor has nothing so they pray, so there is no need to take a shopping cart back to help someone doing a thankless job, as the poor are too busy being poor to do a good deed.......and after all, did they not pray just last night.

On my start up page I have a daily Bible verse and the command was for ALL to be a cheerful giver in how God directs the heart, as you will answer for your caring about others.

 Daily Bible Verse
 2 Corinthians 9:7
New International Version
Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

King James Version
Every man according as he apurposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

Americans are a deliberately castrated race as are the Europeans. They cling to possessions to validate them, and when that does not fulfill, they rush to politicians or weapons to give them promises of security, which leaves them poorer and more vulnerable still.

No donation is going to make you rich. Goodness on earth will provide a Glory of Love in Heaven which lasts. Giving in this earth is not about keeping accounts as it will never pay. Giving though will change your heart from being vile to being cheerful, as the giving changes the person you are inside and frees you from the world of theft.
When that takes place, you will arrive where Christ promised in, all things being added unto you, as the gods of stocks and coins, has no meaning to you, and as you stop paying attention to them, and pay attention to God, the possessions accumulate, because you are no longer trying to buy happiness or Heaven to gain you some peace.

For most of you, you can list the good things you have done this past week, because you do so few of them. Most of you are aghast in wondering what good there is that can be done. Did you ever think when you mess up the boxes on the shelves in a grocery, that someone has to take time and fix your mess, so next time, you might try a little goodness by opening your eyes and arrange that space it looks nice, so someone doing three jobs there can have an easier day to go home to their kids and stay awake long enough to listen to the boring stories about the day in the life of a child?

About a month ago, I did something which I probably should not have, but I had a few hundred pounds of feed sacks in the pick up, and I was going around 50 mph coming out of town, when a male decided to be an ass in pass me, cut me off and splatter me with road muck.
He knew what he had done as I sped up to 70 and he kept ahead of me. He eventually turned off, on a road where I knew exactly where he turned, that he could only live at one farm there. So I turned off too, and he fled up the gravel slippery road at 50 mph.....so I followed as it was on the way home.
Interestingly, he turned left instead of right, as I was just going to sit at the end of his drive to unnerve him, but instead he drove behind a hill and apparently was hiding, as I drove through later and I could see no place where he had turned in or pulled off the road to park.

Far too many people believe they can do evil, because this world is a place of being an ass on the internet where bed fuzz, upset over their worthless existence think that picking fights with a girl on Lame Cherry is going to give them standing, when all it is, is God recording their sins. It is easy to do evil, but then someone follows you home, knows where you live, and you have to go hide behind a hill, as you are not as tough of a bully as you thought you were in your big black pick up.
The thing is, I went home, but satan stayed with that nasty soul.

I do not recommend your being the Lone Ranger and ever repeating these actions to teach a lesson, but instead pray away evil and do good. As Christ teaches, there is no law from God that is against doing good.