Thursday, February 18, 2016

The latest Smear against Donald Trump

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I warned all of you, that this is not over, and it has now gone more gutter in these smears against Donald Trump, in the new Bush Cruz Rubio Clinton billionaire cartel has decided not to just accuse Mr. Trump's dad of being in the KKK (which he was not), but that Donald Trump "dodged" the draft for Vietnam.

I am going to explain this, as most of you were not old enough to be there in the 1960's and most of you have not buried family members murdered by the Vietcong.

I am first going to ask you something in you will give an honest answer. Do you think that Donald Trump in 1964 would have gone to college or not, being the son of a successful millionaire in New York?

Would he have stayed home and laid on the couch like Rush Limbaugh and had his Mum make jelly sandwiches for him, or do you think Fred Trump instilled in Donald Trump business sense which would demand he take higher education?

Of course Donald Trump was going to college, as it was expected of him, whether there was the Vietnam War gearing up or whether he was a tard. So it is lie that Donald Trump dodged the draft due to college deferments.

The last deferment in #5 was a medical deferment, which had to do with bone spurs on the heals of his feet. One of my teachers in school had a literal half inch bone spur on his tailbone, to which he was deferred too. The military offered to fix it for him, but my teacher like everyone else did who was not drafted into that war, "No thank you, I will keep my bone spur and you can keep your war."

I have made no secret that my family has had two of our people murdered in Vietnam. One was blown to bits in a VC mortar attack and another was  shot in the cockpit by a sniper on an LZ.
My much older brother in that last year of that draft, would be dead now, because he received a very low draft number. So I speak to this in understanding everything about Vietnam.

Vietnam was a nasty conglomerate war, which was war gamed to have 65,000 dead before it ever had America involved. No young male wanted any part of that war.

Do I have any compassion on those fucking doped up hippies or those draft dodgers who ran to Canada? Not in the least, as I loathe those disgusting Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton stooges.

Donald Trump did it right. He went to college, and then by the rules found a deferment medically for him, and there was not any draft dodging involved.

I note that all these little fuckheads like Tim Mak, who looks like he crawled out of a Peking pussy, in his relatives were the ones murdering Americans with SKS bullets in them, are the ones throwing around the "chickenhawk" and "draft dodger" charges, and it is a sure bet that none of this trash ever served in the military or ever would.

What I desire all of you to remember in this, is that this deferment came from the Physicians at the American Armed Forces. This was not some New York doctor being paid off. This was the Pentagon and they are the ones who officially deferred Donald Trump, as it might sound strange to the media whores, but having bone spurs on 20 mile patrols every day, leaves you crippled up, and two other Soldiers have to carry you around, so it degrades the entire platoon.

The 1-Y classification came a month after Trump underwent an "Armed Forces Physical Examination," according to Selective Service records, which note the results of the exam as "DISQ." While the military records do not further detail why Trump was granted the 1-Y deferment, a 1992 biography of the businessman by journalist Wayne Barrett reported that Trump received a medical deferment following the September 17, 1968 exam.

So this was not Bill Clinton having politicians help him dodge the draft as he raped women in England, and it was not military generals helping George W. Bush dodge the draft in having this intoxicated airman not show up for flight duty, this was just Donald John Trump, going to college, because he was going to go into college, and then thanking God that he had bone spurs, so he did not have to be a Second Lt. doing more than push papers like Al Gore, step on pointy sticks for awards like Colin Powell or self inflicting wounds like John Kerry.

These same stone throwers at Donald Trump are the ones who have no problem with Barack Hussein Obama's lies about "draft registration" and like all Obama documentation appearing years after the fact.

That is the reality and the story in this, but the elite do not publish the facts on their stooges. Instead it is these endless smears against Donald Trump.

I know there is not one of you who would not be on your knees praising God you child had bone spurs, and was not being sent to be murdered by Muslims in another Obama war.

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