Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Between an Oregon and a Hard Place


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Back when Barack Hussein Obama was being birthed into the White House, Lawrence Sinclair was doing his utmost to reveal to the public the bi sexual nature of Birther Hussein, in his most fervent advocate was Jeff Rense where Mr. Sinclair appeared numerous times.

As I was interested in the story of Mr. Sinclair, I listened to another program on some white supremacist network. The reason I bring this point up, was that later the radio host of that program was outed as a paid FBI informant. The very voice of an entire network, actually was working for the FBI reporting on people. That is not strange as Jesse Jackson was employed to do that very thing on Martin King's group and Bill Ayers was paid to do the same thing on the Weather Underground.

That is why I found it amusing in the politician who talked the Oregon Protesters into surrendering, is the most prominent politician in Nevada supporting STAND DOWN Ted Cruz.

It becomes even more amusing in there is now a story, based upon some work by Anonymous who hacked into Pete Santilli's computer, a person connected with the Rense Radio Network, and who became the voice of the Bundy Group, is now said to have been in contact with the San Diego FBI office over an operation, and was threatening the FBI to expose them, as Mr. Santilli was saying he was not going to be made a scapegoat in their operations in Oregon.

The release of documents taken from Santilli’s computer was provided by Anonymous.
Here is a copy of the screenshot from Santilli’s computer that shows a successful transmission from Santilli to the FBI Field Office in Sacramento, California.

The above document is a FAX that it is said Anonymous found on Mr. Santilli's computer which was sent to the FBI concerning OOT, Operation OverTruck.

This is most interesting as if Mr. Santilli is a mole, he has immense problems in the FBI has either hung him out to dry, or is making him into a deep cover. You should be aware that it was Mr. Santilli who was making the incendiary remarks about shooting Hillary Clinton in the vagina, the same type of rhetoric that the Hutatree Mole for the ATF was ranting about which got those innocent people into their almost being assassinated.

Federal prison or any prison is not a safe place to be for pedophiles or informants, as for some reason inmates who were raped as children by adults and then had snitches out them to police, just do not appreciate the two groups who assisted them into becoming inmates at the people's expense.

What I am stating in all of this is simple, in all of you think you have such good friends on Facebook who show up and validate you, and then post odd things on your walls, and we know from the Bundy indictments that it is ALL recorded by the FBI to use in prosecution cases.
For those who are not aware, Jeff Rense in doing his program touched on some information he was unaware of, and one day last year, his mind went blank while driving his car, and he was in an accident which should have killed him, as it was an assassination attempt.

It appears that there were at least 3 high profile regime operatives inside the Bundy group. One led Ammon Bundy out to be a trophy and one screamed at the occupiers to run for their lives as the FBI was coming to slaughter them, and the DailyKos trolls laughed and laughed at that, in people abandoned guns and clothing as they ran for their lives, but it was all part of Gregory Bretzing's detailed psychological operation.

You can make up your own minds on what is what in this, as I am just placing these links for you to look over, as the reality is America is absolutely no different now than the Soviet block of the 1960's. There are so many moles now all reporting on Americans, that they seem to out number the Americans. There might not be 95 million unemployed, as they are all spies for the Obama regime being paid to post wacko stuff on your Facebook pages for a time to convict you when your time comes.

This is all unAmerican, and yet all of law enforcement, politics and the populace engaged in spying on Americans, setting up Americans and betraying Americans do not see it as a cancer destroying America, as it is about these people protecting the system, and not America.
It is as Attorney John DeCamp wrote in his book about the Franklin Cover Up, it is all about Billy Budd, a story by Herman Mellville, in which an innocent man is hanged on mutiny charges, because hanging him would send a message to stop the mutiny on other ships in Her Majesty's Navy.

Billy Budd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Billy Budd, Sailor is a novella by American writer Herman Melville, first published posthumously in London in 1924. Melville began writing the work in November 1888 ...

It is nothing new in the same police state political ilk did this to Jesus the Christ, did this to George Armstrong Custer, did this to Richard Nixon.......did this in hundreds of ways to hundreds of Americans each decade imprisoned or put in the grave.

In this frenzy of protecting the "order", there never is any one of these zealots who ever step back and note what they have become, as once through destroying the "threat", they turn to their own, and start destroying them too, just like the Soviet bloc, just like Mao's China, just like the Muslim Caliph, just like America.