Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When Jeb Bush goes home to his Mansions

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The insider word is that the Jeb Bush voters are in mass turning to vote for Donald Trump. For as much as I pounded Jeb Bush, I offer this to the people who supported him. I know for certain that you chose Jeb Bush for the qualities in you, in Dignity and Honor, that you wanted to restore that most after 8 horrid years of image Obama. I honestly have been perplexed about Jeb Bush for the past year, since I embarked upon my decision to stop him, as America could not withstand more Obama invasion and more brainwashing of our children in Common Core.

I have not inquired so I do not know if it was the hand of God leading to Jeb's defeat, if he was sabotaged or if he is just an incompetent candidate, or all of the above, but I am certain that he was no George W. Bush, who had an affinity with voters in he could talk to people and connect with him. George W. had empathy, and I believe with the exception of Laura, that none of the Bush people have any connection with Americans on a familiar link.

I am not degrading the Bush family in this in my explanation, but performing a healing for the Jeb Bush voters that they are more than welcome here. I honor them with all the dignity they deserve as Donald Trump needs bigger margins to thwart vote fraud, and to send the message to the cartel who funded Jeb Bush, that Americans are not going to stand down and accept any more of this vote fraud.

I have always said, and honestly forgot it as I became busy, but the reality is, the Bush fam has always been just like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, in being Cuban Republicans. That means they are socialists on domestic issues like welfare big spending and big invasion, and conservative about blowing up other nations in starting wars. If we were not in such dire straights, that would not be so bad, but America has been buried in this Obama abyss, and we have to get out now or all of us are going to face genocide as the last generation of Americans. We are either going to be bred out by these tan skinned foreigners which are deliberately being imported to rid America of a race of people who will fight in being armed against the regime, or America is going to be so weakened that we will be nuked, and the mongrel race which inherits the earth will have no memory of America, no more than we of Atlantis.

So I want Jeb Bush supporters and thank them for voting for Donald Trump. The proteges of the Bush family in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, have not proven very appreciative of the Bush fam, and that is the reality in this.
Readers should know what a hard ass I am, and that I am going to look after their interests as they are my interests. We get Mr. Trump the nomination. We keep Hamrod from stealing this election. We pound the establishment to enact the Trump promises of building the wall, cheap energy, security, replacing Obamacare and replacing the tax code so it is not robbing all of us, then we will adjust to Mr. Trump's vision and help form that.

I believe in the same America that Jeb Bush voters believe in.  I want their votes, and I want the voters who I know have misplaced their support behind Cruz and  Rubio, back united in defeating Hamrod who is in the process of stealing this from Bernie Sanders.
I want ALL OF YOU to get this, and I will probably write on this, but I am letting you in on something which is important. EACH OF YOU is going to have to not fall victim to being manipulated in being upset in Donald Trump as the nominee. What we have to keep track on is one mission from now until November and that is to channel our frustrations not at each other, but in compassion to the Bernie Sanders voters.

That is going to puzzle most of you, but the fact is I certainly do not like that Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie Sanders out of this nomination. She stole it from him, and those voters are every bit as upset as Ben Carson voters were and Donald Trump voters are over what Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz did to them in Iowa.

Understand this, you have hurts and frustrations. I do too. I am not though when Mr. Trump has the nomination going to be rubbing it into Bush, Carson, Kasich, Cruz, Rubio or whoever voters for what they did for tit for tat in what they will be upset at what I did or think Mr. Trump did. What we need to do is show affinity with the Bernie Sanders voters in telling them the victory was stolen from them by Hillary Clinton, and then keep asking them to vote for Donald Trump, as Mr. Trump is not the one who cheated them.

So now in process you will be aware of what I am doing honestly. I do have compassion on the Sanders voters, as they believe in something too, and no place in America should it be that people can have elections stolen from them. I have suffered through this non stop with Donald Trump in the criminal things done against him and America. I am not looking for common ground with socialists, but I am looking for an opening of fairness, in asking them to let Mr. Trump install his solutions as Obama's have been a disaster for America, and when they work, then they will have all the things they are looking to Mr. Sanders with, but just in a better way.

I have empathy for the Jeb Bush supporters, as their best virtues were not successful in the person they transferred them to. I thank them for voting for Donald Trump and I am going to continue to work for all of their ideals, as they are my ideals.
I appreciate their coming home to Mr. Trump, because I do this for nothing, am quite in danger most days and am exhausted. If Jeb Bush behaves himself, as much as HW, I will not be featuring them as the threat they posed in their conglomerate backing, like Hillary Clinton, is not emulating from them.

Jeb Bush was wrong as Donald Trump did not hijack Jeb Bush's party. The Republican party is each of us, and each of us has been betrayed since 1998 in the establishment saying they were Reaganites, when all they were, were Bush patricians now warped into these conglomerates which own both parties.

Donald Trump did not destroy Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush was destroyed by George H. W. Bush long ago in breaking his promise of  "Read my Lips", and Jeb Bush simply piled on the last shovel, when Jeb trashed George W. Bush and HW ridiculed George W. in a book sacrificing W for Jeb, all so Jeb could inform us, that he could win the nomination without the Republican base.

- Lame Cherry

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