Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Letter G

Gary, Gordon, Gilbert, Gerald....first thought, you know thinking of middle names Richard might have. Am in need of some playtime as the picture of Barbara Bush squatted over trying to birth Jeb Bush a presidency, as Eddie Haskels mum, killing all the Beavers in the GOP neighborhood with Jeb nursing yet from those saggy old nips, just creates impression about as bad as Mexican Midget Sex with Columba.
Them Mexicans ride allot of burro you know. That Jeb must really have a callous on his male parts, in those thick little Columba thighs grating on burro hide, must have her supporting an Olympic size pussy. I bet she could lift 300 pound in some event. Just thinking if you put Michelle's gargantuan appendage against Columba's that the Midget would vulva pound that black woman's Jarrett pumper, due to that breeding in having to ride them burro.

But what if it is was like beautiful French Ladies, and things like Charles Dickens in Grainsborough, Grovenor, Geitlaub, Grunnig, as sounding German always sounds regal.

Speaking of German, there is Gerhardt.

There was this cool sounding chica on PBS once named Denuda.............I know it sounds skimpy clothed, but what about Gamutika, or how about that Roman Germanicus. Seems lots of things sound better with a cus on he end, except Lamecus Cherrycus...that sounds more like cussing at a fruit orchard. Jesus did that......well it is more like that fig tree. I can think of a host of two legged trees I would like to see mumified by dawn.

Von sounds good, but I knew too many Dutch vans as a child and most of them looked like what cleaned up pooch poop for the Emperor, not the ruby slipper folks

See von Cherry sounds better, of course the Viking has it Lame' like the rug, and has me like Mary Magdalene in a me thinking of Monica Bellucci as Mary in Mel Gibson's Passion. Could call a woman who looked like that Ugly Uggo and you still would think how hot she was.

I once saw The Importance of being Ernest. I liked that old movie. I am still thinking of G sounding names in God. I wonder why more people are not named God. Them Mexicans got allot of Jesus types running around, but none of them ever get named Pope. I would think that a name like Jesus would get you top billing in the Vatican. The Pater Pope just loves image Obama, and the image had the little g and the big M word, but I think it was that halo......probably Obama and the Jesuits getting the Pater installed helped with the love interest too.

Well is debate night in New Hampshire. Just the next President in Donald Trump, Barbara Bush's little boy Jeb, the  two Taco Kings from Cuba and the Donut Governor.

Gregory, George, Guy.......we had a guy here named Guyless. That would be a tough first name I would think.

Anyway is debate time, and I got things to do sort of again, and I hope that I did not offend Richard in picking at him, because he is a Gentleman, with more intelligence than I have, and a beautiful wife. In my part of the world, we only pester people who we like.........and people must really like me as not a sun rise or sets, without me my being shown the love.

Well time for the beauty treatment.