Monday, February 22, 2016

The Radiated Coast


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the advent of the Russian cobalt nuclear torpedo in 2015 in response to Obama regime policy antagonizing the Russians, this historical knowledge is nothing new, and was written of by the commander of the US sub fleet of World War II, Pacific Theater.

Scientists tell us that an underwater explosion of the A-bomb is the more deadly since the resulting column of contaminated water, blown by a favorable wind, could render uninhabitable large areas of a city. Thus deep-water ports like San Francisco would be particularly vulnerable to this latter form of attack, while refinery areas and munition factories further inland would be excellent targets for aerial missiles.

Lockwood, Charles A., 1890-1967. Sink 'Em All; Submarine Warfare In The Pacific

 Simple assessment and stratagem from a United States Admiral.

Kind of the Admiral to explain things, it is a good thing in a Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive that no one has ever written of nuclear warfare to Fukushimaize, American rivers from source, in a constant contamination of the waters, spreading radioactive waste.
It is possible with low grade nuclear charges to create flood waves in zinc or cobalt type contamination, this would turn thousand mile corridors in America to radioactive pit viper snakes.

Did the last nuclear warfare expert just write that..................